Lutron caseta switch button questions

I haven't delved too much into the Caseta Switches yet with Hubitat (love the Picos though). But is there any way to differentiate a switch being turned on by the actual button itself vs an automated action? My only guess is to track use myself and use a global variable of some sort (assuming global variables works the way I think... I only saw it, didn't dig, heh).

Second, there's lots of complaints on how turning off things with the dimmer is a very slow fade. Especially considering turning off via the app itself is far faster. I'm guessing there's no way to intercept the physical off button press into something more useful (like set dimmer value to 0 with 0 fade)? I'm aware using a pico remote can get around it, but I'm not putting one up next to every dimmer :frowning:


Maybe I’m oversimplifying, but the Caseta dimmers do report physical events. No reason you shouldn’t be able to run triggers on that.

But I actually want to run triggers on the physical press, heh. Hence tracking the automated ones. Though, not entirely sure it'd work.

For example, when caseta dimmer physical on, do some action? Or you looking for something else

I just tried this...

Trigger, Caseta Physical Switch, Off
Action, Caseta Dimmer, 0% in 0sec

... But now when I do ANY action with the switch/dimmer (eg turn it on), after 1 sec it turns itself off, no matter what ... I can't see any reason in my rule as to why it would do so. The live log doesn't reveal a rule match or anything that i can see.

RM seems to treat all actions taken on it as a trigger, despite a very specific trigger being defined.

Yeah, that's it. Or in my case, off.

Your trigger event capability will be “Physical Switch”. Check it out, you’ll see it in the drop down

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yes, but ... this makes zero sense to me ...


You cannot modify the way that the switch behaves in relation to the local load on the switch. it doesn't work that way unfortunately. If you press the off switch on the casetta in-wall switch or dimmer the load will turn off. That happens before anything is sent to the lutron hub or to HE, so by the time that happens the load is already off. Same with the on button. Lutron dimmers ramp to 100% when the top button is pressed. That is a function of the firmware on the dimmer and you won't be able to bypass it with HE.

I kind of expected taht would be the case but wanted to try and see.

What I did not expect was for the rule to fire as a result of something that was not the defined trigger. that aspect mystifies me.

Physical events are all a matter of what is implemented in the driver. It's up to the driver to report the event as physical or not and also what conditions it is reporting. I don't know that physical reports are correct with caseta as I've never tried to use them.

@bravenel are physical changes vs software changes correct with Caseta? I would assume that they are not since they are hub to hub but wanted to confirm.

They should be correct.

It appears incorrect. A couple posts up there is a trigger based on physical off which seems to be happening when the switch is physically turned on.

Running jftr.

holy crap, I totally missed the "physical switch". It never occurred to me it would be a separate item.

now only if I could also override the local function :frowning: