Lutron Caseta Setup

Good day all. I am new to Hubitat, I am attempting to switch over from SmartThings and I think I have almost everything setup. With the exception of (2) Lutron wired switches (PD-6WCL & PD-6ANS). How do I go about setting them up? Do I use Rule Maker? Everything I have researched seems to show me how to control different lights with Pico remote but I don't have a remote just the wired switches to the lights I want to control.


First you connect them to a Lutron Caseta Pro Hub (or bridge). Then use the Lutron Integration App on Hubitat to link your Lutron Caseta Pro Hub to your Hubitat hub. From there you can import your Caseta devices into Hubitat and manage them in a similar fashion to directly connected (Zigbee or Z-Wave) devices.

SmartThings supported the "regular" Caseta hub which requires Lutron cloud-to-SmartThings cloud integration to function. Hubitat stresses local execution and thus requires the Caseta Pro model hub because that supports a local network connection between the hubs using telnet on tcp/ip.

Thank you so much for the fast response. Looks like I have the Lutron Smart Bridge set up and I see Lutron Telnet in my devices. Now where do I go from there? How do I discover the (2) switches?

Again, thank you for the replies!

I figured it out!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the guidance. I was trying to do too much by adding pico remotes.

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You can add Pico remotes and use them to control non Caseta devices. You can also trigger Caseta Scenes from Hubitat via Hubitat's Lutron App.

I guess you’re all set with this, but FWIW there is a page in the hub documentation that walks the user through setting up the Lutron integration app.