Lutron caseta pro bridge

I've got my pro bridge today. But anything I do, Lutron app on my android phone will not find it. I can see that bridge acquired IP address from y DHCP server. Are there any tricks to have bridge discovered by Lutorn app?

Are you certain your phone is connected to the same LAN? Be sure Wifi is on, and that you are connected.

Spoke to lutron support. Apparently L-BDGPRO is an original bridge and can't no longer be activated.

Seriously? Ask Lutron to replace it. They should, they stand behind their products.

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I did. They are sending me PRO2 bridge.


Wow wish I knew that before I spent hours trying to activate the v1 I bought off eBay. Finally gave up, sent it back, and bought a v2.

Can you provide more information on this please? Did you buy v1 from a retailer? Is Lutron charging you anything, etc. thanks in advance.

Lutron is not charging me anything.

To Lutron Valued Customers:

As part of Lutron’s commitment to provide customers with world class products and a best in class service experience, we strive to maintain backwards compatibility whenever possible. However, some cases require firmware changes that cannot be applied to early versions of products.

In order to receive a necessary firmware update required for future operation, all first-generation Lutron Connect Bridges (model # CONNECT-BDG-1) must be connected to the internet prior to May 25th, 2018. Lutron Connect Bridges that do not receive this firmware update prior to May 25, 2018, will no longer work.

Please check your inventory immediately and remove any affected devices from your sellable stock. To take care of our mutual customers, Lutron is requesting that all first generation Connect Bridges (CONNECT-BDG-1) in your inventory are returned to Lutron in exchange for a free replacement with the current second generation of the Connect Bridge (model #: CONNECT- BDG2 -1), which now supports Apple HomeKit.

Please note that the second generation of the Connect Bridge which supports Apple HomeKit (model #: CONNECT- BDG2 -1) is not affected and should not be returned .

To return any affected product in your inventory, or if you’d like additional information, please contact your local Lutron Representative or regional Lutron Customer Service Team:

North America

Thank you for your continued support,

Reminds me of the Wink Hub security certificate issue from a few years back. If those hubs didn't get upgraded before that cert expired, they were bricked. I had one like this (since it had been powered off, sitting in a drawer for many, many months...) Wink was good about fixing it for free, including the shipping fees. It's nice when companies stand behind their products and support their customers.

Holy crap, good thing I saw this thread I probably should try activating the hub I still have in a box.

Its quite a bit past May 25, 2018.

You probably have a brick.

You'll want to call Lutron, I think :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I asked because I see the pro 1 hub available for sale a discount to the price of a pro2, but that is on eBay and I'm curious if they will deal with eBay purchasesade this late after the fact.

Lutron will usually make good on any product of theirs that someone purchases. No guarantees, but that's been their practice. At the same time they have an active effort to drive out gray market sellers of their products.

Have you checked out Energy Avenue for a Pro2 Bridge? There prices are pretty good for a brand new bridge. No hassle of having to exchange a v1 that doesn’t have updated firmware.

Personally, I would not take a chance on buying one from someone that isn't an authorized Lutron reseller. Lutron customer service has demonstrated they are top-notch in many ways (I have contacted them for other reasons as well), but IMHO they would be entirely justified in saying you are SOL.

Ran into this as well today. I had purchased a Smart Bridge Pro v1 on ebay months ago and decided to activate it today.

I called Lutron and after having me try a number of things the support rep offered to exchange it for a V2 replacement. Unfortunately, they're currently on backorder so I won't get the replacement for a month or so. I thought I'd need to provide proof of purchase from an authorized retailer but was never asked so overall I'm pretty happy with the outcome. Particularly since I picked the unit up for $35 on ebay.


Damn, that was quick. My Lutron warranty replacement, which was supposed to be on backorder for a montharrived yesterday complete with a prepaid return shipping label for the V1. Gotta love the under promise/over deliver effort--too bad so few companies do the exact opposite.

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Lutron has the best customer service I dealt with so far. Other companies have their moments, but Lutron has been consistent over the years to ALWAYS go above my expectations. No need to whine or complain...just tell them your issue and they take care of it with what seems like a genuine "sorry for the inconvenience". They even sent me a free Caseta dimmer once because I gave them a 2 star review when they upgraded the mobile app a couple of years back. They asked if they could call to get direct feedback. I provided my ideas on what was frustrating...didn't complain...just feedback...and they offered me a free light switch or lamp dimmer module as a thank you. I took the lamp dimmer.

The best part, in less than a month they updated the app to include a couple of my suggestions. I upgraded my review to 5 stars. Stellar company in my book.


...something most companies have completely given up on. "sorry for the inconvenience" is now the default response that loosely translates to "we don't really give a s#%@".


After a few email exchanges with support, they're sending me a replacement hub. I was worried they'd give me hard time about getting the hub via eBay.

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