Lutron Caseta Motion Sensor

Outside of any integration with Hubitat, can a Lutron Caseta Motion Sensor, in the Lutron app itself, be set up so as to turn on a Caseta dimmer to 100% during certain hours, and turn on that same dimmer to 50% during other hours?

In other words, in the Lutron App itself (apart from Hubitat), can I do this:
Motion detected 7 am - 9 pm, set lights to 100%
Motion detected 9 pm - 7 am, set lights to 50%

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Unfortunately, no. But you can buy a Lutron device and set it up with the motion sensor, then take the device offline, and Hubitat will continue to see the now missing device state change. The Lutron app will complain that the dimmer is not responding, but you just ignore that. You can then use that phantom dimmer in a rule to do what you want. But that is clunky and their motion sensor becomes quite useless relative to its high cost.

I left my Caséta motion sensor with my old house. Good riddance.

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I think @didymus is asking if that automation can be setup using just the Lutron app. So Lutron Motion Sensor + Lutron Caseta Dimmer - all outside of Hubitat.

Just played around in the Lutron app, and it doesn't seem possible unfortunately. But that would be cool -- seems like a rather easy win for them to do.

I use a couple Caseta motion sensors, but I don't need those on a settings-specific schedule (laundry area and small mudroom) -- the sensors are wicked responsive & reliable, so they work great in those 2 spots for us.

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I’m trying to do this all outside of Hubitat.

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Not possible

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A different question. Again, this is only using the Lutron app, totally apart from Hubitat.

If I have a room that requires two Caseta Motion Sensors to get complete coverage, will they work well together? For instance, I walk into the room, they both detect motion, so the lights turn on. But if I move to a different part of the room, where only one motion sensor can detect me, will the lights stay on when the other motion detector goes from active (motion) to inactive (no motion)?

They should because you're still in motion and the time out hasn't hit yet. As long as your rule in the lutron app says on when motion on x sensor then it will continue to keep the light on.

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