Lutron Caseta - Double Tap or something creative?

Hey folks, I know I saw this somewhere but for the life of me I can't seem to find it. Hopefully I'm not mis-remembering some SmartThings stuff.

I have Lutron Caseta switches and dimmers in the house. They all work fantastic, as expected. One thing I would really like to do is to be able to double tap down or up on a room entrance and have the room lights all on or off.

i.e. the basement lights get left on all the time. I would love to be able to double tap down at the top of the stairs and have it turn all lights off in the basement.

I thought I saw I needed a new device driver, but maybe not. If not, any way to do this with Rule Machine or something similar?

Thanks a ton for the help!!

Caseta Switches and Dimmers do not support multi-tap events, nor have I seen any community drivers that add that capability.

You could add a Pico remote and use it to trigger whatever actions you desire.


Thanks. I appreciate the response. Pretty disappointing.

I like Caseta a lot, but this is a pretty glaring limitation of these devices. That is why I choose carefully where I put these switches. I put Zwave switches (or Picos) in places where I do want to utilize press, hold or multi-taps.

A Pico and Pico Mount kit with a double-gang faceplate is a good and inexpensive solution. You only need a couple small holes in the wall, not a whole new box in the wall.


Thanks. Will the Pico remote also control non Lutron devices though Hiubitat? My guess is yes but I need to try it.


Yes, a Pico remote that is added to Hubitat can be used as a button controller. However, it should be noted that typically one only does this with Pico remotes that are not already being used natively by the Lutron system as auxiliary switches for 3-way/4-way lighting.

While you can still add those Picos to Hubitat, it can be confusing as to their behavior, because both the SmartBridge linkage/automation and the Hubitat automation will both be triggered at the same time, controlling hopefully different devices.


Thank You. I’ll look into it tomorrow. I appreciate the help.



If you are prepared to use Node-RED, you can definitely adapt Lutron Pico remotes for multi-tap. Here's a sequence from @erktrek demonstrating multi-tap with a Lutron Pico.

Of course, this doesn't apply to Caseta switches/dimmers, but at least you can get Picos to work as multi-tap devices.


Thanks. That’s great. I have been looking for a reason to set up Node-Red.


Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about the multi-tap subflow... also happy to help with Node-RED if I can..


I already had some similar code, so here's a simple app I threw together to handle double taps for a button.

Just select the button you want to use and then select what you want to toggle for the single and double presses. For the double press since you want multiple lights create a light group to toggle here.

I don't have any Lutron to test this with but I did a quick test with a virtual button and all was well.


Thanks.. I'll check this out.

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