Lutron Caseta Diva - "On" State To Physical Slider

I'm moving over from Z-Wave dimmer toggles to Caseta Diva, but really struggling with the digital On command logic. I want "On" to mean "On" regardless of where I am turning it on from. And for a dimmer with a physical slider, "On" should go to where that physical slider is set to. I have yet to find any way to manage this. Am I missing something, or are my options really only to set it to a digital "On Level"?

I don't have the new Diva dimmers. Can you explain how they work if you have one? I installed the old Caséta dimmers in the house I sold, and I hated how they didn't remember the dim setting and that couldn't be programmed any differently.

What about the new Diva dimmers? Do they only keep the dim level at the switch or does it store that on the Smart Bridge Pro too?

[Edit] Never mind. Someone on the Home Assistant forum posted the answer. What a bummer. Limitation of the Smart Bridge Pro I guess. This is the reason I stayed with Insteon dimmers. You need an Insteon hub (less expensive than a Smart Bridge Pro) and you need an always on computer to run two Node.JS applications if you want to have status of the dimmer on Hubitat when the switch is manually controlled, but it's solid. I've absolutley no complaints after many years of running it. They were dead for a short period, but the company is back and turning out new products too. My stuff never stopped working though, since it's 100% local.

Yeah, I am very disappointed that the lutron does not always turn on the the level set on the dimmer. What a gigantic miss. And everyone says these are the bulletproof solution. How hard is that logic? On means on.

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@bravenel Looking in past posts about Caseta, you seem to be the person in the know. Is there any way to do a "On To Last Physical Level"? The most recent physical level (for my household) is very likely to be where the dimmer slider is actually set to.

Previous level is not in the Lutron Integration Protocol (Telnet). Don't know about LEAP. I doubt it and anyway that's not applicable to Hubitat.


Generally, an on command to a Lutron device will turn it on to its last level.


Thanks for the response. On the Diva dimmers, a physical On goes to where the dimmer slider is set to, regardless of the last level. This is what I'm trying to replicate when doing digital on. I would like it to have the exact same behavior as physical on does, which is to go to where the slider is set to.

Last level is in the lutron integration, the problem for me is that I want the on state to go where the physical slider is set to on the Diva

Right. In the Hubitat driver you can set up the 'on' level to be fixed or previous. Hubitat keeps track of the last level before turning off. That last level value is not stored in the Lutron system. The Lutron system command that Hubitat issues consists of the device number and level. There is no 'on' in Lutron Telnet language.


Right, so the question is, can Hubitat be made to store the last PHYSICAL level. In the events, physical and digital are distinguished, but the current implementation just stores the last level regardless of how it got there. But it would be helpful to have "Last level (Physical)", "Last level (Digital)", "Last level (Any)".

FYI, the telnet integration does not distinguish between a level set physically at the dimmer, and a level set digitally via the Lutron mobile app.


Lutron physical vs. digital is a guess on Hubitat's part. Anything that does not originate from Hubitat is marked physical. The only external system that is not marked physical is Apple Home if you use Hubitat's HomeKit integration.


Thanks! That is what I was trying to say, although not as clearly as you have!


Thanks for all of the information everyone. It seems like this is a surmountable problem, but that there isn't enough of a request for a resolution, so I will find a way to make the limitations work for me. I think we will just default them to on at 1% and then change to the desired setting.

This is an incorrect statement. Lutron doesn't send sufficient information over the telnet interface to distinguish between a physical change at the dimmer itself, or a change made via the Lutron mobile app.

Hubitat can only distinguish between changes made by Hubitat itself (digital events), and changes made from outside of Hubitat (which are all considered to be physical events - even if they are made via the Lutron mobile app).

So it is not a surmountable problem, unless Lutron changes their entire telnet protocol to start including such information.