Lutron Caseta Dimmers

There is a Caseta Dimmer that requires a neutral wire and has a round middle button that can be set to a favorite lighting level. The cost is about $109.

There is another Caseta Dimmer that does NOT require a neutral wire, and does NOT have the round middle favorite button. The cost is about $59.

I have neutral wires in my boxes, so is there any advantage besides the favorite button with the more expensive dimmer?

Without the neutral, does that mean a little bit of current is flowing through the bulb even when off? Is this a disadvantage and if so in what way?

Compare the specs of these to see the differences. The more expensive one is a Electronic Low-voltage (ELV) dimmer that is capable of handing more load wattage. Answer really depends on what type of lighting these will operate as well as wattage.


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