Lutron Caseta Dimmer Levels Not Updating

Having only used HE for about two days with my Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge Pro, I definitely qualify as a newbie.

I'm using RM4 to create a rule for HE using this format:
IF (Dimmer level of A is=0) Dim: B: 90
IF (Dimmer level of A is!=0) Dim: B: 25

If I use only HE to set or adjust dimmer A before I run this rule, everything works well.
If, however, I manually adjust dimmer A at the dimmer module, or use the Lutron App to adjust dimmer A, HE does not appear to update with the new dimmer level value and the conditionals above execute using the old dimmer level data. (The value before the manual change)

The Dimmer A event list correctly records the new level setting made by the manual change, so I know HE is receiving the new values.

What do I need to do to update the dimmer level values to their current, correct settings so the IF conditionals above will work with the latest dimmer level value?

Thank you,
Bill Bremer

Please post a screenshot of the entire rule. That is always the best way to get assistance with rules.

I think I found the problem:
Manually turning off the dimmer from the Lutron side, changes the state of the switch to "Off" but leaves the dim level value unchanged. This means the dimmer, though off, still reports a dim level greater than zero. The reverse is also true. A dimmer that starts in off mode with dim level at zero, can be switched to "On" (Full Brightness) without changing the dim level value (it remains at zero).

As a result, a dimmer that is delivering full voltage to a load can still report a dim level of zero!
Lesson learned: you must evaluate more than just dim level value to accurately determine if the load is on or not on.

I control my Lutron devices (dimmers, switches) exclusively through Hubitat. If you did that, you wouldn't run into this issue.

You're right about that.
However, even with Hubitat, you can create the condition where a dimmer reports a dim level of zero even though the load is receiving full voltage.

How? Hubitat separates level from the condition of the switch. So I'm not sure I'm understanding you.

The separation of the level value from the switch status is what confused me. I assumed that any device reporting a dim level of zero would be off and any device reporting a dim level above zero would be on. I now see that's not how it works.

Select a dimmer device from Hubitat's device list, set the level to zero, then set the switch state to ON. The dimmer now reports a level of zero and a switch state of ON. The load connected to the dimmer is at full brightness even though the dim level is zero.

I see what you're saying. I view that as a Caseta feature. It lets you turn on a light at the last used intensity. Unfortunately, it doesn't work the same way from the physical dimmer itself.

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If you take a wall mounted dimmer that is on at level 50 and press the off button on the physical dimmer, Hubitat will now report a dim level 50 and a switch status OFF.

If you only evaluate dimmer level value, you can't be certain the load is off. A dimmer level value of zero does not necessarily ensure the load is off and a dimmer level value of 100 does not necessarily ensure the load is on
When you set a dim level above zero, the switch status (if it's OFF) will automatically change to ON. The reverse isn't true: If you set the switch status to OFF the dim level doesn't change.

I'm having the same problem. I can make one Lutron Caseta dimmer follow the other when dimming but if I turn the first one full off the second dimmer stays at the current level. How can I make the second dimmer switch to off when the first one does? In RM I cant find an event trigger to = switch off. Any help appreciated!

Hi @Bluebellylint, and welcome to Hubitat.

In place of Rule Machine, you may wish to use the built in app called "Mirror". I think it will do what you want.


Thank you Aaiyar! that is exactly what I needed. For anyone else who may stumble upon this thread. I was able to completely control Lutron dimmer 2 from 1 and vice versa with an additional mirror app. This did not cause any looping problems.