Lutron Caseta dimmer level when off

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I am trying to create a rule - If dimmer 1 is >= Level:90 then turn on switch. I am using rule machine and it works great (for the most part).

If the dimmer is at 50% and I turn it to full brightness the automation fires. But, I notice that if the Dimmer is on with Level 100 (or any other level) and then I turn it off. The switch state changes to off but the level remains at 100 (or whatever it was set at). So in this case if the switch is on, Level 100 and then I turn it off and then back on the automation does not trigger as the level never changed.

Why does the level not go to 0 when off? And anyone have suggestions on how to work around this in my automation?

Can you post a screen shot of your rule?

So lastLevel can be used when the dimmer is switched on digitally to turn on at a specified level and not 100%. For example, this lets me turn on my lights at 5% at night time without first turning on at 100% and then dimming to 5%.

Your rule needs two triggers and a conditional:

Trigger-1: Switch turns on
Trigger-2: Level >=90

Conditional: IF Level >=90

0 as a level for a dimmer makes no sense, particularly if the device can be on with a level of 0, so none of the Hubitat drivers will report 0 as a dimmer level. If you send a dimmer a setLevel(0) command it is treated as a proxy for off.

To track on off use the switch attribute.

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Thank you! This worked

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