Lutron Aurora with Wiz bulb?

Hi! New to home automation and hubitat. Not sure if this is where I'd ask this.

I have some wiz smart bulb and down lights that I'd like to be able to still control with a switch the those in the family that prefers a more traditional route.

My question is, will I be able to connect the Lutron Aurora to hubitat (via Zigbee) and control my lights that are connected to hubitat (via Wifi) as intended? E.g. toggle on off and dim the bulbs?

That should be doable. Likely with the generic zigbee switch driver. (I'm gathering the switch is zigbee and sending Wi-Fi signal to the light?) The wifi bulbs cannot be directly connected to HE unless there is an api and someone codes an app/driver.

There is a community Wiz integration that I use for just one bulb so I haven't done more than turn on/turn off/change colors. It's worked well so far.

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Thanks for the driver!

I'm not quite sure to be honest. The aurora switch is advertised to pair with Phillips Hue but says it'll worth with Zigbee 3.0 bulb. I figured I can maybe daisy chain it and have the switch send the signal to hubitat and then hubitat sending the signal to the bulbs.

I have a Zooz74 toggle switch controlling a Wiz Connect bulb. It isn't hard, but requires about 3 different things to be configured to control it.

  1. A button controller rule setup to monitor the switch to turn on and off the bulb.
  2. A regular rule that monitors the level of the switch and passes that along to the bulb
  3. Lastly a rule that when the state of the bulb changes without the switch to update the switch state based on the bulb.

This is how i did it from the hubitat side. There was some setup on the zooz switch which shouldn't apply with the Aurora item you have. One thing that may cause a problem for you though is getting the state back to the Aurora device if changed on the bulb from lets say the Wiz app( item 3 above). I dont think the Aurora allows you to change it from the hubitat side if i remember right.

It actually works really well. We use it daily as this ia a regularly used bulb. What is also nice about the wiz integration is that it is all local.

One thing I will point out though is I did try to use the Aurora button switch and frankly it was extreamly touch and unreliable in my setup. Not sure why i know others have had success, but just be aware getting them to work right by themselves may be a chore.

Thanks for the detailed write out. To be honest I'm just moving in and wifi won't be available until Wednesday so I can't test it out yet. But I'll report back on my results!

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