Lutron Audio Pico and Sonos

Full of questions here … I’ve been tinkering. :melting_face: I have several Sonos products including a Beam connected directly to the TV (via TV digital optical out to Sonos’ digital optical to HDMI converter).

I just added a Lutron Audio Pico (to Lutron Bridge Pro) and have tried to setup some HE controls via Button Controller to control all speakers collectively (Toggle Play/Pause, Volume Up/Down, Toggle Mute/Unmute, Next Track), but no matter what I do, I cannot control the Beam.

I noticed this the other day when I was tinkering with TTS.. no matter what, it would not play through the Beam.

I’m wondering if this is due to the audio channel being the TV primarily or something else. When I group another speaker to the TV in Sonos and use the HE Button Controller, it controls the other speaker, just not the Beam.

I’ve found a few Community articles about Lutron and Sonos Beam, but they don’t seem to address this issue and I’m just not sure which direction to take from here.

Has anyone been able to successfully integrate the Beam and Lutron audio controls in this or even a similar manner?

Can you control the beam if the optical-hdmi converter is unplugged?

It’s funny you ask that, I had posted on Reddit after posting here and modified this post to include that part about the hdmi.

I’m wondering if it might have something to do with affinity for tv signal over music or something.. possible CEC settings.

In any case, I now have some more tests to run and see if I can isolate the root issue and will report back with findings.

For now, I know if the TV signal is on, the Pico won’t control at least the Beam. Figured I would try with TV off and just music source started from another speaker, then started from TV speaker, then unplugging the hdmi to the Beam and running all the above tests again.

Yeah, I'm guessing HDMI overrides any other input...

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