Lutron App Presence Geofencing

I couldn't find anything about using the Lutron App for geofencing anywhere in the forum. Maybe this is common knowledge for Lutron users, but just in case it is not, I thought I would post this information.

Pros -
reliable virtual presence sensor for hubitat
easy to setup
Good option for an additional app to use for geofencing. (i use this for my 13 year old son's phone)

Cons -
The geofence area is larger than I would prefer (1000ft.)
It can only be used for one phone.

Instructions for setup -
In the Lutron app on the phone you want to use for presence. Go to settings, click on "Arriving/Leaving home" change the first entry to "My Phone"
No need to setup any light scenes for arriving and leaving if you don't want them

Now when you go to settings/ Advanced setting / Send integration report - Your new report should look something like this.

I don't have any scenes set up in lutron. So for me Arriving home is button "1" and Leaving home is button "2"

Go into your Lutron Hubitat integration. You will need to add your Smart hub pro which is seen as a keypad device in Hubitat. It uses ID # "1" .

You should now have a new device in your device list

For the last step. - Add a new virtual device, Select virtual presence sensor, Give it a name.

Now create a new rule in rule machine using button device as the trigger.

I've been using this for 4or 5 weeks now and it has been 100% reliable.

Sorry for the long post. Hopefully this information will be useful for someone.


That is awesome, thank you for sharing.
I would totally use this 'except' that is a deal breaker that this only works for one person :(, I really need for my wife and me to both have the same solution.


Assuming you have Lutron Essentials/Inclusive access to your system, set up a virtual "Homeowner Keypad" in your system, set the Lutron app "Arriving Home" and "Leaving Home" to press buttons on that keypad, and then use HE to detect the presses and do whatever.

There are 7 buttons on the Homeowner Keypad, so setting up "Arriving" and "Leaving" presses for two (or even three) people is no trouble; if you need more than that, add more than one HK.

I hear ya. I use the hubitat app on my phone the the wife's phone. And then the lutron app on my son's phone. Also this app for all phones. [UPDATED] iPhone WiFi Presence Sensor


I finally have presence sensing that I can use.