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I have Lutron Caseta dimmers and switches integrated with Hubitat for several years now, and they work great.

Today I added the new Caseta Diva dimmer to my system. I can control the new dimmer from the Lutron App, but I can’t control it from the Hubitat Device page. It shows up as a Hubitat device, but I can’t turn the light on or off from the device page.

Do I need to reboot Hubitat and/or the Lutron Bridge?

Here are a few of screen shots:

You did add this through the Hubitat integration page, correct, you didn't specifically say that but assume you did if it created a device.

How did you code it (switch, dimmer, etc)? Did you use a capital instead of lowercase when coding it?

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No, I missed that step!

How do I get to that page?

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Apps tab, pick your Lutron integration.

I should note that some people use the other menu selector style, it works the same but has the dropdowns. (forgot to include that method, sorry) In that case the UI does all this for you and there isn't another configuration screen. (it is an either the above screenshot/or the one below)

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Ok, that was the screen I used.

I did reboot both Hubitat and Caseta Bridge.

There are some events showing in the logs (see earlier post), but I’m not sure how to interpret those events. The light will not turn on or off from Hubitat, but it will from the Lutron app.

Any suggestions?

Check your Lutron integration report (Lutron app Settings, Advanced, Integration, Send Integration Report). It looks like the Lutron Telnet is reporting levels for device 40 and you've assigned the new Hubitat dimmer the value of 38.


That was it!

Thank you very much!


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