Lutron 2 button Pico (On/Off), rule for multiple pushes?

I have Lutron 2 button Picos controlling some Lutron dimmers, trying to get a multiple-push automation going where pushing it twice dims the light to 5%.

Right now I have it set so the Lutron hub is controlling the dimmers (i.e. pushing the button turns the dimmer on to level 100 with every push) with these Picos, I'd like to maintain that for reliability reasons but have the Hubitat listening for presses on said Picos, so that if I push the Pico the Hubitat will set the dimmer to 5%, but only when the dimmer is already ON and the level is > 5% so as to basically make a double tap dim the lights.

Now since the button is always hitting the Lutron bridge separate from Hubitat I'm having difficulty in figuring this logic out, since I'm guessing that the Hubitat is catching that and thinking it's already on. Basically I guess I need to figure out how to make the rule ignore the first press here and let the Lutron bridge command the dimmer to go to 100, but then if I push it again set that 5% level. Would some sort of variable work here?

You'll want to use Hubitat's "Double Tapped" trigger, as the Pico remotes now have the ability to report Push, Release, and Double Tap events. I am sure there is a thread discussing this in the community, as adding the double tap was a feature of a release within the last year or two. I believe it requirea the use of the "Lutron Pico" driver. :thinking:

The is mention of the Pico Double Tap feature in the following release notes.

So, the Rule Machine logic would be something like

Required Expression: If Dimmer is ON AND Dimmer Level is > 5%
Trigger: Pico is Double Tapped
Action: Set Dimmer to 5%

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I'm not sure why you have the Lutron hub doing the single button press. I use Button Controller and configure the button presses there. Very simple and elegant, imho.

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Mostly for reliability purposes, if the Hubitat freezes the light will still function.

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