Lumary Wifi RGBWW recessed light?

I currently have some Sylvania Smart+ 6" RGBWW recessed lights and I'm not happy with them. First, they can't be legally sold in California, where I live, so I arranged for a "middle-man" in Arizona to buy them originally. I have had one light go bad and I tried getting a replacement via eBay but it too was bad. Another frustration with these lights is that they are not as bright as I'd like. I want the lights to be adjustable in not only brightness but color but have not found anything better until I found "Lumary Wifi RGBWW recessed lights". As these lights are WiFi and not Zigbee or Z-Wave, I am curious if they work with the Hubitat Elevation platform. They appear to be brighter lights (1100 lumens vs 820 lumens) but I want to make sure I will be able to control them with my Hubitat before investing in them.

They are likely cloud based. I would see if they can be updated with Tasmota firmware. That said, if you can, instead of doing smart bulbs, use smart switches instead. Most people don't adjust just one recessed light, they dim the whole group. Use standard bulbs and use a z-wave switch instead. That said, if the bulbs are a must, go with zigbee or z-wave. If you go with zigbee make sure they aren't a repeating bulb. Repeating bulbs with crash your zigbee mesh faster than tacobell goes through you to the toilet.

I already have the cans with TP24 connectors, not an E26. I have an Inovellli Red dimmer switch installed for the circuit. What I want is lights that work in these cans that I can adjust the color or color temperature. These six cans are in my office/"man-cave" (detached garage). The Hubitat is also in this same room. Everything else functions well on the system, although some devices lag a bit. I'm contemplating adding a third Hubitat to keep the load on each little network smaller and nearer their hub.

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These should work,,,

That is exactly what I have that Iā€™m wanting to replace. They will not ship to California due to our idiot politicians.

The Lumary are nice units but use Tuya Smartlife and are unfortunately no longer flashable to Tasmota as far as I am aware.

Just because, I bought ONE Lumify light and after unable to re-flash the light using an over-the-air approach, I broke into it and found that it uses the Tuya WB2L board, which I'm told cannot currently be flashed. :frowning_face:

Bummer, sure would be nice to control these from Hubitat

Did you ever find a solution for this?

How about with ITTT ?