LR Enrollment

How does the new Long Range Enrollment work? I have a Zooz LR contact sensor that is already connected. It is on my gate outside.

Long story short, it'll need to be excluded and re-included as a net-new device. Unfortunately, there's no way to convert an existing mesh device to LR (a limitation outside of HE's control).

LR requires inclusion via SmartStart, so that's done through the HE app.

ETA -- if there's a FW update available for your device, be sure to do that before excluding it. There currently isn't a way to update firmware on LR devices, but hopefully @bcopeland will address that missing functionality soon.


Once you scan the QR code into SmartStart you may want to use my hub app to make sure the boot mode is set to Long Range mode. The current apps (even Beta apps) have issues showing it correctly.

It is pretty simple overall, but a few steps.

  • Scan device into Smart Start
  • Use my app to check settings (set to Long Range boot mode)
  • Create Virtual device and swap apps to save your automations from breaking
  • Exclude device, removing z-wave node and device
  • Device should re-pair (as LR) by itself once it resets itself and restarts
  • Swap apps from virtual over to new device

I added some basic instructions to the second post for my app: [APP] SmartStart Manager for Z-Wave - #2 by jtp10181


If I may ask a question out of my abundance of technical ignorance on this topic: does a device that's converted to being LR enabled, be able to participate in the mesh network to help other nearby non-LR devices? These non-LR devices are benefits of the mesh since they're far from the hub and certain devices near them are LR capable.

No, devices paired LR do not participate in the ZW mesh -- they pair directly to the hub and do not talk to or repeat for meshed devices.


Not to mention LR talks on a different frequency..


Sharing since it's new: for anyone with questions, this document (plus the revised Add Device document for that task in particular) may also help:


Just moved ZEN37 button controller from mesh to LR with zero issues.


Is LR planned for the C-7 for a future release? I know the C-7 has LR capability because it’s been touted. But will it get it? LR should be a game changer IMO by adding device location flexibility without worrying about mesh issues.

I'm not Bryan, but I'll answer with a "no".

Unless they have to re-write the z-wave stack for some reason, not likely but not completely impossible, the C-7 won't get LR support.

Too many technical differences under the hood - it isn't that they just want to be mean it is just a crap ton of work that would be hard to justify the cost of.

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thanks for the tip.. was going to wait and do a zooz zse41 after updating the firmware (waiting for one or two more maint releases to make sure the zwave reboot issue is really solved)

but paired it assuming i needed to update firmware as i bought it now going on 6-8 months ago, only to find on the zooz site the latest firmware is 1.4 but the device has firmware 2,0.. why is there no post with this version..

Many of their 700 devices got a 800 chip boost recently -- ALL of the 800-version devices are f/w 2.0 right now, and the 700-version devices are whatever Zooz has on their firmware page.

The 800's 2.0 f/w is based on the corresponding 700 device's latest firmware. I'm sure Zooz will start to fork documentation of the 800-series firmwares soon, but they haven't started yet.

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My Zooz contact sensor had no issues enrolling LR. Thanks!

Is there a reason a LR device won't appear on the zwave network graph?

LR devices connect direct to the hub on a separate frequency - they do not participate in the mesh network.

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You want a dot with a single line to the hub? For what reason?

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I appreciate the answer to my question. It's not whether I want to have a single line, I get that. Maybe it's practical just to see the device in the network map. Color the dot yellow and add it to the legend identifying it as LR. For me, its more of a "why not?".

Yes, to see the color of the dot (Repeater or not), and ideally the color of the line to see the RSSI status. Similar to all the devices directly connected to the hub on a Zigbee graph - They are Zwave devices, and should be shown as part of the Zwave network, IMHO (even if they are always 1 hop away).

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Clutter on the drawing for no technical or contextual benefit would be my answer to that. But I'm not trying to argue, just stating a counter point/preference,

I would be fine with it either way I guess as I almost never look at that display.


ZWLR doesn’t repeat.