"lowes" garage door opener keeps going AWOL

This is connect to my system but it keeps no responding, is there a more riliable way to do this or can i push it a firmware update?

i have to unplug it and plug it back and put hthe door up/down for it to work again

AFAIK, there are no firmware updates for the old Iris zwave garage door openers. Stronger z-wave meshes will permit them to function more reliably. GoControl also makes a zwave+ version of that opener now.

really did not want to spend $80 again but i might have too. ugh the sad part is the relay i had on my X10 network NEVER failed lol

You can build a hubitat-controlled zigbee opener for about $35. The one I use has been super-reliable for over a year. $15 for a dry-contact zigbee relay and $20 for a contact sensor or tilt sensor.

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There are options other than this expensive device. There is the Zigbee relay method that aaiyar mentioned above, and there are Zwave relays (either Zooz Zen 16 or Zooz Zen17) that are also fairly inexpensive. Both of those Zooz are currently on sale for about $30 at thesmartesthouse.com (a Zooz site).

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