Lowe’s Sale on GE Zigbee Switches and Dimmers

Was just in my local Lowe’s store and noticed the GE Zigbee Smart Dimmer and Switches are on clearance/sale.

Dimmer Model 45857 is $34.99
Switch Model 45856 is $31.49

Both report energy usage too.

That's a great deal. These are usually $49-54 on Amazon.

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I took advantage of it to get one dimmer and one switch. I was debating picking up more, but for now, that was all I needed.

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No luck for me... not on sale at my local Lowes.

Check stores near you as they may have them on sale. The links above allow you to check inventory and price.

Correction... The generic zigbee driver do support energy usage. My bad.

They weren't on sale the other day at the Lowe's I go to, but when I asked if they had more than on the shelf, one of the managers advised their store was not set to restock. She sold me the ones they had for half price, and advised select stores would continue to sell them. So it is worth checking a few stores. She was able to pull up on her screen which ones were not restocking. Hopefully, they do not totally get rid of them.

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Liquidating them at my local Lowes.
$10 for the Zigbee switch
$11 for the Zigbee dimmer

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Holy crap! Good call! Switch $9, dimmer $10. Only one lowes in driving distance had any stock left. Thanks!!!

Interesting. I will pop by Lowes on the way home from work and see what they have...

Didn't you have a driver for these that supported double-tap? Or am I imagining things again? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I've been searching through old posts for 10 minutes but can't find it.

Not for the zigbee. I've never tried a zigbee GE device - although I may soon if my lowes has them for $9. :smile: .

Sorry...wonder who i'm thinking of then....
...I'm just hoping that the 1 they had in-stock of each at my Lowe's wasn't "phantom" stock. :crossed_fingers:

Unfortunately none in my area but that is a great deal given I bought them for $20 several months back.

Here are Brickseek links to check inventory, just plugin your zip code.
GE Zigbee Switch
GE Zigbee Dimmer

I know where they physically are in my store... Although if they pulled them from the shelf, then who knows. I'll see in an hour or so.

My Lowes show them for $45 and $60. :man_shrugging:

Those prices only show IF there is no inventory. If they have them in stock the clearance price shows up. At least in my area - I found one dimmer near my parents house.

Looking online, the only GE zigbee my local store has is:

for $10/ea I'll still go get them, though.

I bought a couple of those (both dimmer and switch versions), 4 in-wall switches and one dimmer. I’m really impressed with how much faster they are than ZW. I tried to buy more, but a lot of phantom inventory.

Stopped by my local Lowes... No zigbee devices to be found, even though they show a few in stock. None of the clerks knew where they would be, as the stock system shows them on the shelf (which they aren't).

Probably some employee hiding them so they can buy them up.