Low Voltage or battery powered zigbee relay?

Hi guys,
I search for a low Voltage or battery powered zigbee relay.
Does somebody know something?

I want to operate my intercom door buzzer from outside the house via Google Home.

Any suggestions?

What about an ESP8266 and Hubduino?

SmartThings used to make an Arduino Zigbee shield but they stopped making it.

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Another possible solution would be to use one of @iharyadi's Zigbee devices. I believe in a later revision of his board, he added the ability to use some of the GPIO pins, including the use of a pin to drive a digital output, which could easily control a relay. I have two of his earlier revisions that operate as sensors only (as well as Zigbee repeaters) and they have been very reliable and consistent.

Check it out below.

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can now buy them in Australia anyway from bunnings...

I've got one, had it in the cupboard for ages.
Just pulled it out might give it a try..i'll let you know how i go, not sure about drivers though.!!

Put this Thirdreality switch on top of a regular toggle switch which will cost all of a $1 extra, and you have a latching battery powered Zigbee relay. It is on the compatible devices list.