Low priority: add a "used by" to Drivers Code

capability is in there somewhere, because you can't delete driver code if its in use.

I know this isn't what you are asking for, but just in case you didn't realize, you can search the device page for the driver name and it will show what devices are using the driver.

Also, I'm not sure it is clear what you are asking for (at least to me :wink:). Do you want to see a "used by" listiing on the Driver Code page under the actual driver? If so, that could get pretty messy for users with a lot of devices.

Fair point, consider it an poorly thought out idea. I especially hadn't considered the lots of devices thing!

Though, now I come to look at my driver code I realise what I was thinking of was more of an "unused" marker, or possibly a used by N devices thing.

Still mega low priority.

I like the idea of highlighting unused drivers. Having the driver text show up in red for instance. Let's see if something like this gets implemented but like you said, probably a low priority item at this point.


Bumping up this thread to check if there is any recent recommendation. Any way for me to "cleanup" my Hub by finding which user drivers are unused?

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