Love it

I finally have things setup and put to the test today and I have to say the Hub worked flawless. Routines fired off as they should, notifications worked or best they could with the limitation of SMS but it all actually worked flawless including presence!

Looking forward to watching this evolve and especially for the mobile app so I can get away from the SMS limitation.

Thanks to the Hubitat team, this came at the right time and has proven so far to have been the correct move from ST.


I concur, my system is working very well. Actions, lights all work much faster than ST

My system is very simple compared to others, however I am glad I made the change



As a temporary workaround for the SMS limitation, I am using an app on our phones called Pushover. It works remarkably well for us.

In order to use it, you simply need to create a Pushover account, and create a Pushover App entry within your new Pushover account. This will provide you with the necessary tokens for configuring the follow Hubitat Device.

[UPDATE] Added link to current Pushover thread to make sure current code is used by new users.

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Oh!! this is cool, I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

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This is awesome. Worked perfectly @ogiewon and comes in faster than the text message. Muchas Gracias!!

It says I have a 7 day trial. Do we eventually have to pay for this service?

How much does Pushover cost?

Short answer: For individuals, after a 7-day free trial, it costs $4.99 USD once, per-platform (iOS, Android, Desktop), to use on as many of your own devices1on that platform as you want. There are no monthly or yearly fees and you can receive as many notifications as you want.

Long answer: As an end-user receiving push notifications, our iOS, Android, and Desktop clients are free to try for 7 days. After 7 days, you’ll need to purchase a $4.99 USD license for each platform you wish to use it on. Once you’ve licensed a particular platform, you can use it on as many of your own devices that you personally use1 with no additional recurring fees. For example, once you make an in-app purchase in our iOS app on your iPhone, you can also use it on your iPad without having to pay again. If you also want to use it on your Android tablet, you would need to purchase an additional license for Android.

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I did the 7 day trial and was impressed enough to buy the iOS platform for $5. Eventually the Hubitat Mobile App will probably replace this. But for now, I am pleased with the results. You get 7500 pushover notifications per month.

FYI - I just created a topic specifically for this Pushover Driver.

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Ok I’m a little confused here and probably a bit out of my league here. I created an account and I created an application in my account and have an API key.

Where do I put this key? I tried to setup speech in a rule but I don’t see this device to choose from.

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Add the new Pushover Driver to your Hubitat hub. Then create a virtual device using this driver. Once the device is created, edit its preferences to add the Pushover tokens. At this point, you’ll have a device that can be used in RM that support ‘Speech Synthesis’.

[UPDATE] Rule Machine can now send notifications directly to this ‘Notifications Device’ without having to emulate a speech synthesis device. Check out the details in my topic dedicated to Pushover. I have also improved the instructions to try to make it a little clearer.

As an alternative to Pushover, I would also suggest Join if your ecosystem has mostly Android devices only.
It does a lot more than just notifications and the developer is constantly improving the app’s potential (Created by the joaomgcd who made the AutoApps series and now also maintains Tasker).

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