Lost Z-Wave Devices - Radio Reset

I just screwed up big time. I was going through the process of clearing out my old c-5 so I could use it as a test machine as my C-8 has been running perfectly.

I had browser tabs open for my c-8 and my c-5. I thought I was on the tab for my c-5 and I reset the Z-wave radio. Turns out I reset the radio on my C-8. What is the best way to recover from my stupidity. Thanks in advance for the help :grimacing:

If you have hub protect just restore from the most recent cloud backup and make sure you select to restore the zwave radio

I don't have the hub protect subscription but there is a cloud backup from last night. I'll give that a try.


Well I restored the backup but that didn't bring back the Z-Wave radio entries. I never really understood what hub protect was buying you as a user vs. just a standard backup. Now I guess I understand; just a little too late. :sob:

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Sorry to hear you were bitten by the "Sh_t no, wrong tab!" effect. Done that myself a few times, really not fun. Hub protect is the way to go, cheap insurance.

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Do you still have the cloud backup from your migrations? It would have the z-wave stuff in it.

Thanks @jabecker , At this point I've reacquired all but one of my Z-Wave devices. Now I just have to link them back into all the logic on my hub. However, I'm not sure which cloud backup would have been the one from my hub migration that would have contained the device info. Thanks for the idea. That could have saved me a lot of effort.

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After having accidentally reset the radio on my new C-8 when I thought I was resetting the radio on my old C-5, I have managed to re-include all my Z-Wave devices and get everything working again. Everything is working fine but I have two concerns:

  1. I had problems re-including my Z-Wave lock. It took several tries to get the inclusion process to work. I’ve noticed that on the Z-Wave Details page there are 4 entries in the Z-Wave Radio Device table for the lock that each have a discover button in the Device column of the table. This is in addition to an entry in the table that is fully filled out for the lock. How do I eliminate these 4 entries that shouldn’t be there?

  2. When I was re-including my Z-Wave devices I noticed in several cases when I viewed the device page for a newly added device it might have a device name or a device label from a different Z-Wave device that had been lost when I accidentally reset the radio. While I was able to correct these entries and things look OK now, I am concerned that there could be a database corruption on my C-8. Is there any way to validate the integrity of the Hubitat database on my C-8?

Thanks in advance for the help

Those are called ghosts, can appear on failed pairings. You need to get rid of them - they can mess up your Z-Wave mesh.

  1. Pull the batteries on your lock so it's not powered up
  2. Hit the "Refresh" button on each of the ghosts - you may have to do it repeatedly. A "Remove" option should appear, Hit that, and the ghost should be removed. Do that for each ghost.
  3. Batteries back in the lock and things should work correctly at that point.
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You probably don't need to worry, but you can do what's called a Soft Reset...download a fresh copy of your database w/a local backup, and it is "cleaned" in that process. You then do a Soft Reset and immediately restore that same backup you just downloaded. So no changes to your hub, but your database gets a bath.

I don't think you need to worry about it, though.

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Thanks @danabw for both answers!

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Do the local backup, then the soft reset, and then restore your backup.


EDIT To avoid confusion: Per Csteele's reminder below, restoring a backup now has the same effect as a Soft Reset and backup retore. All you need to do is create a local backup and then restore it. No need to do the separate Soft Reset any more.

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Makes sense. Thanks

I'm told that we no longer have to march down the soft reset path to "clean" the DB. I'm told that simply restoring a backup does a soft reset along the way. The extra step isn't harmful at all, and because I am one that does a lot of Restores, I often forget I can skip that one step. :slight_smile:

Step 1: download a fresh copy of your database w/a local backup, and it is "cleaned" in that process.
Step 2: restore that same backup you just downloaded.

The Soft Reset doesn't need to be avoided and for me, often I feel better seeing the emptiness when the Hub comes back. :smiley:

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As have I, again. :slightly_smiling_face: Old habits...

Thanks @csteele

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