Lost several zwave devices

C7 on Win10 machine connecting with Chrome.
Upgraded platform 3 or 4 days ago.

Tonight looked over at my front door switch and noticed the LED was rapidly blinking like it does when it is not included but trying to join. This is an Eaton RF9501 switch. Appears that I lost a total of 6 zwave switch/dimmer units. Tried shutting hub down thru diagnostic screen and waited 3 minutes to apply power. Came backup but the zwave devices are still gone.

Anything else I could try before adding these devices back? Really hoping they aren't going to leave ghosts behind.

They are gone from where? Devices page? Zwave details? Both?

Have never heard of zwave devices excluding themselves that is the only way to remove them from the zwave radio.

A little difficult trying to determine which devices are lost.

Acording to my Dashboard i lost 4 dimmers and 1 switch
The original rf9501 is still blinking like it wants to join hubitat. In my master bath i have a homeseer hs100 which toggled my bath heater with a double tap. Not working so i assume that dimmer is lost. I willl try to sort it out more tomorrow. Restoring a backup would not Help the situtation would it? I have hub protect so get a cloud b.vackup every day.....should i restore one of those?

I have no idea because you didnt say if they are missing from the devices page on the hub or the z-wave details page or both? Not sure what you mean by "lost" exactly....

If they are missing from Z-wave details, a cloud restore with zwave radio would bring that back (but the device may not be paired anymore).
If they are only missing from the devices page a regular restore would bring that back.
If they are not missing from either then the devices are factory reset.

It actually sounds like the devices themselves got factory reset somehow. Maybe from a power surge? The only way to fix that would be to pair them to the hub again, I would suggest using the "Replace" method to get them back to the same node. This will prevent ghost nodes as well.

Can't imagine what caused this situation, but I'm thinking it might be time for me to dig out the original non-automated devices and skip the home automation stuff. It's been fun, but at my age I no longer enjoy trying to keep up with this stuff.

While a cloud restore might bring back some of the lost devices, I doubt it could recover the devices like the front light switch (Homeseer HS100) which is looking to join the network.

In general, Zwave is still working and responding to Hubitat commands.

Have you powered off the hub and removed power for 30 seconds, then restart?
Sort of looks like zwave crashed possibly. Might improve the situation a little.

Anything with a "Discover" is a ghost node, meaning there is no device entry in Hubitat attached to that node. May or may not have a device paired to it on the zwave side.

I don't think there is any way for a device to just vanish from the z-wave details OR the devices list, you would have to forcibly delete something from the device list, and only way to remove from Z-wave radio is to exclude the device. So unless you have done either of those restoring a backup would get you to the same place you are already in.

Like I said, sounds like maybe some devices got factory reset somehow.

Yes, I did a power down the hub through the diagnostic screen. Removed power for 3 full minutes. Powered back up and came up to the green light after a few minutes.

Zigbee is so much easier to deal with, I never should have gotten into the zwave stuff. Anyway, that's history and a learning experience. I was very happy this morning when I saw all seven of my outside lights had turned off as they should. Only the three in the front are on a zwave device, the rest are Zigbee. So because the system is limping along I will have plenty of time to switch zwave stuff to Zigbee or back to manual control.

I truly appreciate all your effort and suggestions Jeff. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Holiday season.

Hope the Wisconsin snow isn't too much for you to deal with this winter. I spent most of my life about 50 miles west of Chicago. For the last 23 years I'm retired in SW Missouri - very little snow here :wink:

I have to admit I work my C7 terribly hard. Logs says I have 321 devices and 594 apps .....lol

Another interesting thing. I can exclude zwave devices,. but cannot include zwave devices.

Some times the ghost nodes inhibit the pairing process. The ones that have the discover button, you can try clicking discover and if they find a device it will be added. If it stays like that them try a refresh and then remove to get rid of as many as you can. May need to shut down and reboot if it gets jammed up.