Lost local control but Alexa still works?

I seem to have lost all local control of my hub. I can't control any devices through the IP interface (it comes up) and the dashboard on my phone doesn't see my hub. But Alexa still works and so do all my automations and devices.

I have tried restoring my back ups, rebooting, unplugging, pounding on the desk, none of it works. Of course will put in a ticket with support, but hoping someone has a suggestion first.

If alexa works.. IP connectivity to your hub is working.. Maybe it just changed IPs?..

Go to: https://portal.hubitat.com/

And click find hubs

NVM I see you tried restoring a backup.. So you got to the IP

You were right that it was on my end. I have the unit on a wireless bridge and rebooting that did the trick. The fact that I could log into the hub didn't have me thinking it was IP related. But that was it.

Edit: The issue turned out to be Windows Explorer (is there an emoji for extremely embarrassed)