Lost "last keypad code" in

Rule exits if "last keypad code" is not in codes list.
Code is showing on device page.
I thought it used to say the last code, now it does not in the current states list.
Rule keeps exiting even though the code is proper, and fails to operate.
Using Centralite Keypad driver that is built in.

Have you looked at the rule logs?

Full logging,
Rule triggered, rule exited.
Exit if wrong code is first line.


Am I correct in assuming this is a Custom Attribute of the keypad called 'Last keypad code entered'?

Please select Display Current Values, and refresh that page -- then post here.

Yes it is.

I hope this is what you request.

I'm not following exactly what the Condition is for this. Could you open the Actions, then open the Manage Conditions, and edit that condition, just so you can take a screenshot of it for me. Also, at the same time, take a screenshot of the upper right side of the keypad's device page where it shows all of the attribute values.

I don't see a "Last keypad code entered" attribute for that device, so how are you getting that?

I’ve seen a last code name on locks, but don’t recall it ever being on the keypads…

It was there!
Update to (136) and it's not there?

What driver is this?

Stock Centralite

Hit Configure on the device page, and see if it shows up again.

It did not.

Looks like the old ST Driver had Last Code Name…

Last keypad code was never an attribute with any of our stock drivers.
Further it is not part of hubitats keypad capability, so unless it is declared as a custom attribute it will not persist on the driver details page.

Ok, the rule worked.
I updated.
The rule stopped working beyond the exit.
Thank all who has looked at this.
Not a problem, just confusing as to timing.
It used to be there!
I have no clue, and in the greater scheme of this GREAT HE system, no big deal.
Please go back to your terrific work on improving HE !!!!!!
And thank you for your efforts.

Or, may I make this a feature request?

It's probably not the best idea to display pin codes that prominantly, one should use the lastCodeName attribute which displays the alias name assigned to the code, not the actual code.

Not entirely sure what you mean.
I think the effect/loss I experienced may have been an artifact of attempting to use HSM, Nyckelharpa, and it's associated driver and then going back to the stock driver.