Lost device connection notification

Just migrated all of my devices over to from Wink and am working on debugging lost ZigBee device connections. So far, I've had 2 Lightify RGBW strips and one RGBW bulb become unresponsive and require a repairing to work. My only indication that they dropped off was that I was unable to turn them on or off. Wink will notify in the app if a device lost a connection. Is there a similar method in Hubitat? I already have 3 Tradfri repeaters all fairly close to the devices that fell off. Last night, I had to go around the house and toggle all of the lights to determine if any others had drop off … I've read about Polling (maybe just for Zwave?) but don't want to unnecessarily have the HE run a process consuming MIPS unnecessarily. There's gotta be an easier way! :slight_smile:

You can give this a shot.

Have you looked at your Zigbee routing using "/your-Hub-IP/zigbee/getChildAndRouteInfo" url to see your primary device routes ??
It can give you an overall indication but is b pretty basic.

Searching the forum for “getChildAndRouteInfo” will yield lots of info.

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Thanks. I have looked at that but can really glean what’s going on. Guess I need to do more research.

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