Lost Changes to Dashboard

A couple weeks ago I had started building some dashboards, changing tile colors, adding backgrounds etc...

Updated the hub a few days ago, and we also had a power outage Thursday night.

Now as I go in today to continue working, all my changes are gone. The basic outline of tiles is still the same, but the tile customizations I put in have been lost and are back to defaults.

Any ideas?
Is there any way to recover or restore?
What could or should I do in future to ensure these aren't lost? I assume a hub backup would be helpful. Admittedly I have not been manually saving any of my backups.

Edit - I do see that my last on on file before the power outage is there.. I have saved it locally.

You can create manual backups, but the hub automatically backs itself up as well. What do you see in the backup/restore settings page?

I do see that my last on on file before the power outage is there.. I have saved it locally.

If I restore to it, does it also restore the previous Firmware of the hub?

You might want to update to the latest hot fix from last night. That Fix addressed some dashboard issues. You can also try restoring a database backup from a recent backup. If you don't save off a daily backup, I would start doing so.

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If you suffered a power outage, you might want to try a soft reset before restoring the backup.

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This is what I see on the backup/restore page.

Restoring a backup wonโ€™t restore a previous hub firmware as well. But clicking the link will bring you to the page that can restore prior firmware versions.

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You may find this documentation page to be helpful as well.


Thanks for all the quick responses.

I'll do the soft reboot, and update the hotfix from yesterday.. .then if needed restore to the backup from before the power outage and hope that the changes are there.

Going to start saving the backups more regularly.

Thanks again.

If your goal is to restore to a previous backup that has your dashboard settings changes intact, Iโ€™m not sure that doing further updates first will help.

Since you donโ€™t have manual backups saved already, each time you reboot your hub (like with a firmware update) it will create a new backup and (I think) delete the oldest auto-saved backup.

There are several scripts for saving a daily backup. The best bet is to search the community for the scripts and choose the one that suits your situation.


I just saved the oldest backup from the hub, which predates the power outage (where I hope the problem stemmed from... if not, they were already gone and I am a lost cause)

I'll try updating the hub, if that doesn't help I'll restore the backup.. and see...

At the end of all this, good experience.. nothing critical is lost and I am learning a new feature.

Already started looking on the site on how to automate the download of backups... hopefully to my NAS or something.

Thanks again.

Doing a soft reset clears the database eliminating any possible corruption that may have occured with a power outage.. The restore will will restore the database (obviously).

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