Lost all my z-wave devices. how do I get them back?

Did the most recent update to hubitat this morning and updated the z-wave. I might have miss-read the bottom as it was in red and assumed I had to re-set the radio. I did that and everything disappeared.

Now none of my inovelli's are working... ok.. Reset one switch (held config button for 30 seconds and tried to re-pair).. nothing.

I then restored from a backup I had from yesterday.. still not working.

How do I re-pair my devices?

Sadly, if you reset the Z-Wave radio, your devices are all unpaired (as far as the hub’s radio knows, but device thinks it is still paired). Because you seem to have a C-7, you can, for each device, do (from the Z-Wave details page) an exclude, then, from the devices page, replace the device (similar to include, but gives the same DNI), which would preserve the device in your rules, etc.

I have managed to get 1 switch in the. Z-wave radio devices. I can't figure out how to do the replace in the devices page you mentioned.

I think you have a C5 hub. The instructions to upgrade the radio firmware were explicitly for the C7.

At this point, you have to reset each device and pair it again.

Go to the settings -> z wave page in the UI.
Can you see any devices in there?
If yes do a repair on them till they fail and replace appears.
They probably won't be from what you have said. :frowning:
If not, follow this guide.
It does work as I used it to get my C3 devices on to my new C7 hub.

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If you did a "reset" to the Z-Wave interface, I believe it will assign a new home ID to the interface. This means that, in order to pair your existing previously-paired devices, you will have to first do an "exclude" on each one so that it forgets the old pairing / old home ID. Alternatively, most devices have a "factory reset" process, but you'll need the device manual to figure that out. You can find device manuals for most devices on the Z-Wave alliance web site (https://products.z-wavealliance.org/)

Sorry, when you said you “updated the Z-Wave”, I assumed you had a C-7 because there was only a Z-Wave update for the C-7, so I gave the instructions for the C-7.

If you have an earlier hub, then you will be able to use the manual migration procedure linked to by @bobbles, above. Ask back if it doesn’t make sense to you. If you use that procedure, you won’t have to re-do all the automations, dashboards, etc.

Make sure you do a backup & download it first, and also download the most recent backup that the hub made before you did the reset.

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Ok, making progress thanks to bobbles!
I do have a C5.

Down to 2 switches.
1 gets found and then gets stuck on Initializing.
The other doesn't want to factory reset.

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Everything is running again (not as fast, but the network needs to re-build).

Left it for a few hours and tried the one that wouldn't reset and it paired right away. The other one stuck on initializing again. It is the farthest from the hub. So I took the hub to the switch and it paired right away.

Just put the hub back where it normally resides and started a Z-wave Repair. Hopefully tomorrow everything will be snappy again.

Thanks for all your help!!!!