Lost all my Xaomi Zigbee devices in one go

Just thinking about this, it started shortly after I had downloaded a backup to my PC.
I have had problems in the past where my zigbee radio would go offline after a backup to my PC but my xiaomi/aqara devices would stay connected ok after a reboot of the hub.
This time I did a disable/enable of the zigbee stick.
I wonder. :thinking:

OMG - @Royski @bobbles - I feel bad for you all ....

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  5. And now, worst of all, your zigbee networks are turning unstable!

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Hahahaha, and the last is by far the worst :joy:


No they disappeared off my network before the update, tried restarting, still the same, shut it down and powered back up, still the same, updated to the new firmware and still the same so had to add them again. No new devices added, just existing Hue stuff on the Hue Hub.

Have you moved any of your repeaters? I ask this because I have a Xiaomi Humidity temperature sensor in my bathroom that was really stable, and then suddenly started dropping all the time. For whatever reason I didn’t put two and two together, after I had moved one of my repeaters downstairs. There’s one just 3 feet from it, but I guess it wasn’t able to reach the hub by itself, so it must have been relaying off the other repeater downstairs. I have an XBee, but hadn’t bothered to pull it out and check what was going on.

Anyway I moved the TRÅDFRI outlet back to its original location, because I needed the socket where it had been to plug in a Ring Z-Wave repeater. Suffice it to say, it works again and has not dropped since.

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Xiaomi are very "sticky" to repeaters. Once they latch on, they don't like to change without being re-paired. Which is pretty stupid, but it is what it is... As they say.


I lost a few of my xiaomi devices, and once they get lost, the only way to get them permanently back (I've found) is to pair them with my second hub. It is possible to just re-add them to the original hub, but they will drop again. I have a few that will drop, and for the contact sensors I use Bruce's app (debounce contact sensor) to make the transition easy - just edit the app in one place, and it's updated in all my rules. I'm pretty sure someone modified that app to allow motion sensors too.

Has not been my experience. Just pairing again works. That is what I did every time, including this last time. In my case, it seems moving the repeater that is downstairs, closest to the hub, was what brought back stability. And, yes I did need to re-pair, but it’s not been necessary since that last time, which was almost a month ago. Prior to that, it was pretty much weekly, sometimes twice weekly.

After my initial issue around half of the Xiaomi devices would keep dropping off.
Reid them yesterday and they are sticking ok.
Back to normal now.


Oh boy did I speak too soon.
I was still getting devices dropping off randomly. Also my zigbee routing table never showed all my zigbee devices.
About a month ago I thought I would try a Xiaomi switch with a neutral wire.
I wonder if this is the cause of my issues me thinks......
As I have 2 hubs I moved this device to my 2nd hub and this is the only device now connected directly to it.
Straight away my 'dead' zigbee devices paired again and so far have remained connected.
I'll see if this is the cause of my issues.
Has anybody else got one of these connected up?
Are they working OK for you?
Just wondering.

EDIT: I assume the switch is a repeater as it appears in the routing table under the 'Route Table Entry'.

I have the no neutral versions, they’re all fine and not routers, the one you have is.

Yeah I figured as much. I ordered a no neutral version and was sent this by mistake. I fitted to my under stairs cupboard that has a neutral. It took a while though to finally trash my zigbee network. (I hope I'm not speaking too soon here and it is this causing the issue).
I also removed a couple on no neutral switches just in case. I may put these back in a couple of days if things stay OK.

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