Looking to setup alarm system

A little background...

I swapped from SmartThings about a year ago and have been continiously expanding my Zigbee and Zwave footprint using Hubitat. The only SmartThings devices left in my home are the ADT SmartThings Security Panel and a few door sensors that are Zwave but only connect to the ADT system.

I've got the ADT SmartThings Panel integrated into Hubitat and I can do things like get notifications on my phone and speak notifications on my Google speakers when doors open.

My next home automation goal would be a fully fledged alarm system within Hubitat using it's Safety Monitor application. I've got the ADT SmartThings Panel and also picked up an Aotec Indoor Siren 6. I can't interact with the ADT SmartThings Panel from Safety Monitor and I'd like an actual keypad for the family to use like a normal security system.

Any suggestions on configuration changes to get a home alarm system working within Hubitat? I'm not opposed to ripping out the SmartThings ADT Panel and buying something new.

I think you could integrate your alarm system using virtual switches and hub connect. Since the hubs can be connected there's no reason to move a good thing. Yes, I can appreciate getting away from cloud based, but on the same token, why kill something that's working? I feel like you could step around that barrier using some rules and virtual switches to accomplish this. Once you translate it into something you can monitor with hsm, it's all downhill from there.

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April, thanks for the suggestion! I've already got hub connect setup, any idea how I'd leverage HSM to arm and disarm the ADT Smart things panel?

I wish I could say I did. Look into mqtt or ifttt? If smartthings could do it there's a way.