Looking to replace LIFX bulbs, what do you guys recommend?

I'm running a biz grade Synology WiFi 6e (RT6600ax) mesh system. The only way I could get my LIFX bulbs to work 90% of the time, was to put them on an old 2.4Ghz only TP-Link 802.11n router.

I bought a couple of the 1000 lumen Kasa Wi-Fi bulbs to try out and didn't have great results...main issue was that they were too slow turning on for my tastes. I returned them pretty quickly so I didn't have them long enough to encounter any issues of them dropping off my network (Unifi APs).

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I just heard back from Govee and they said that as of right now no bulb supports Lan API. So unfortunately if that is a requirement they aren't a option for bulbs at the moment. If you have other light devices like light bars, strips, ect allot of them already are.

The wiz bulbs I have work well though and respond pretty quickly.


Did they give any indication if that would be coming?

Just an update, my homebridge integration is on my primary hub and my LiFX integration was on my secondary - so the bulbs were shared via hub mesh.

One of the issues i occasionally had, was when I turned off a bed lamp, it would sometimes turn back on a couple of seconds later.

I wondered if there was too much latency between hub 2 -> hub 1 -> homebridge -> homekit, and the colour temp was being adjusted just after the light was turned off.

So i installed the LiFX integration on my primary hub and moved some of my bulbs over. I haven’t had this particular issue since.

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