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I saw a comment by staff (think it was Bruce :thinking: ) saying that they don't have the issues they had in the past and it's not a issue anymore due to the work @nh.schottfam has done. This was no more than a week ago. Now it's just the same as all other apps, if you have a issue your need to disable them to remove them as the possible cause. But it's not longer actively discouraged or a known issue.

Wow! Thank you all for your incredibly helpful and fast responses. It seems what I read about the Hubitat community being great is very true.

My setup isn't really very impressive compared to what I've been reading about in the community. Only 40 devices (mostly zigbee smart bulbs and smart plugs) and only 10 webcore pistons, all with pretty simple code. Sounds like some of what I do with pistons could be moved to the RM. So it seems I'll be able to do all of what I want to do without taxing the Hubitat too much.

Thank you all again!

Side note: Be very proactive when you're considering your smart Bulbs. There are a lot of issues with Zigbee bulbs and building a good mesh, specifically when bulbs are attached direct to the Hubitat hub, and not on a Hue or other hub.

There are several threads on Zigbee meshes and Hubitat. Good Luck, and Welcome to the Community.


Thank you for your note. I had issues with the zigbee bulbs early with ST. I solved it by strategic placement of the zigbee smart plugs. Do you think if I have a working mesh now that it could be a problem with Hubitat?

You're going to be disassembling your existing Mesh and building a new one. There's little chance it will build exactly the same. You will be removing devices from the old mesh, eventually making it so unstable it's not working, while you build up the new... hopefully getting more and more stable with each new device.

Got it. Thanks!!

If you want to have the best possible results I think you can get that by doing the whole changeover in one day. Begin with your powered devices closest to your hub and working out, and when you have all them in place then start adding the bulbs in the same order. If you try to do sort of a half and half parkway approach you may end up with weak meshes on both sides that can be annoying during the transition. I thought I was going to do some sort of gradual transition but I ended up doing it all in one day and I'm very happy I did it that way.

What I did do over a few days before that is move on my webcore pistons over and get them ready to be set up and enabled with the new devices when the new device is show up. That way once I moved over the devices, it was just a few minutes of work to get the devices selected in the desired pistons and my automations were up and running on HE.

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I stand corrected, @aaiyar pointed me to this:

Sounds like the official stance has changed.

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We don't have official stances. :sunglasses: Heck we don't have any officials...


@danabw - Great feedback. Thank you!! This is similar to what I imagined I'd have to do. This is a great excuse to have kid 1.0, kid 2.0, and kid 3.0 do my chores one weekend day. :wink:

@all - One other question: As I've continued to research I think I have read that there is no longer out of the box support for SMS notifications and no support for email notifications. Is my understanding correct? if this is correct how do people go about getting notifications for something important like a water sensor going off?

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I also forgot to note that I delayed moving over my front door lock, water valve and leak detectors, and garage door controller until several days after the big migration. I wanted to keep running those on the ST hub until I was sure the HE hub was stable w/all my stuff moved over, and the front door lock, garage controller, and water valve were also devices where needing to move the hub near them to include them was likely, and only wanted to have to deal w/dragging the hub around connected to a 50' ethernet cable once. :slight_smile:

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Push notifications to the mobile app. I think the HE team said they will likely add email support at some point but the problem with SMS was it wasn’t free so the costs add up. You can always sign up for your own twilio account if you really need it.


And Hubitat also supports Pushover for push notifications as well.

It is good to have options! :sunglasses:

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Is good, works well. :slight_smile:

If you happen to be using IKEA Trådfri lamps, I've had no issues with these running as routers both directly and indirectly connected to my 'non-security' mesh (so long as they remain powered on, obviously). I run two HE hubs now, one fully battery-backed on all devices in the mesh for the security side, then another 'accessories' hub that has all of the lamps, wall switches and stuff that wouldn't work with the power off anyway.

There's a very clever app called HubConnect which allows you to control devices across hubs. In fact, it supports ST, so if you have anything you can't immediately move that may be an option for you.

Thank you all again! I was a little confused by Pushover. Is it a recurring cost or a one time app purchase?

It is a one-time purchase per platform. So, iOS is $5. Android is another $5.

You can install it on multiple phones and tablets if you'd like. Just use the same credentials to sign into Pushover on all devices, so they are all tied to the same Pushover account that you used to buy the iOS or Andorid license. Doing so, will create a new device in your Pushover account for each device it is installed on.

On the Hubitat side, you 'Add a Virtual Device', select the Pushover Driver, and then fill in your Pushover API key(s). After doing so, the device will query the Pushover server and return a list of 'pushover devices' which you can select from, or leave it as is to have notifications sent to all of your pushover devices at once. You can create as many Hubitat Pushover devices as you'd like (e.g. one for ALL devices, and others for each unique device.) I have a "Pushover-All" device, and others for my phone, my iPad, my wife's phone, and another for her iPad. This provides flexibility when sending notifications from various apps. It is also possible to send Pushover notifications from multiple Hubitat hubs, as well as from Node-RED. I prefer the flexibility Pushover provides over the Hubitat mobile app's push notifications, that only work with one Hubitat hub.


I switched from ST to HE last week. Mostly smart bulbs and WD-200 switches. I looked at porting my Webcore pistons and then decided to recreate my functionality in RM. Had everything up in a day and by doing a rewrite I leveraged my experience and created a much cleaner system. Cleaned up the Google and Alexa interfaces and my wife is much happier.


Well I'm in! I placed my order last night. Thank you all again for the fantastic responses. That, a few "sorry about your luck" emails from ST about MyQ lite and Echo Speaks, and yet another ST outage last night, made my decision easy.


Heh heh heh...another one takes the bait.

Looking forward to my cut of the profits... <evil laugh, chokes on coffee and spews all over keyboard>