Looking to control RGB Bias Lights / Prismatik

I've been using Prismatik for reactive bias lights on my two monitors, running on two different windows machines. With SmartThings I know there needed to be a man in the middle server to control them, and my knowledge of how to make that all happen ran out substantially before setting that up. I'm hoping there's an easy way of setting it up so the bias lights can be turned on and off with a switch in Hubitat.

I was able to find these two references:

as well as a HASS plugin:

I'm curious if there's either an easy way to set this up with Prismatik, or perhaps switching to Hyperion if that made the process better. Thanks for any help!

Figured it wasn't worth creating a new thread, when I might as well update here. I've gotten closer having switched from arduino to ESP8266 and WLED. I'm still lost on the issuing commands to Prismatik, which seems required because even with the driver for WLED Prismatik will effectively override things. Really hoping for some input. Thanks.