Looking to add Touchscreens in several rooms - Seeking Reccomendations

I have several rooms in my new (to me) house that have proprietary 2 Gang interface panels for communication with a whole house audio system which is no longer installed in the home. Sonos has replaced the previous system and no longer require the static room controls.

I would like to add some touchscreens which will fit in these locations (2 Gang Box) and can provide whole house information plus room specific controls.

I am looking for recommendations for hardware. Also interesting use cases for such technology would be fun to read about.

The only 2 gang that comes to mind is the Wink Relay, but going out and buying one would be such a bad idea. :nauseated_face:

Instead, maybe get some tablets and wall mount kits.
Put a POE supply/adapter set on your Cat5 going to the box for 5V USB power.
Set up a Hubitat Dashboard.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:

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I haven't done this myself, but have just seen these in passing: Brilliant Smart Home panels.. They look perfect for your application, but are expensive. I can't vouch for them as I've never used them. I use a 15.6" touchscreen, which would be much bigger than your 2 gang sizing desire.

I use 10" touchscreens with a USB power supply behind in the wall box.
Just replaced my old ones with Fire tablets and they work great for a decent price.

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I have heard mixed (at best) reviews of that Brilliance stuff. I thought it looked good when it first came out, but then I started hearing it was flaky, unreliable, etc. It would be nice if there was a reliable option similar to that.

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Anyone done anything with a Rasbery PI and a touch screen? COuld a "computer" running Linux interface well with Hubitat?

Anything which will display a Web page, I use fully kiosk browser and the hubitat dashboard