Looking or help with Beok Tuya ZigBee Smart Thermostat Heating Thermostat

if I set thermostat to 25.3 then in stats it says 253.
off button works heat button heat button also works.

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Please update the driver from the link here Looking or help with Beok Tuya ZigBee Smart Thermostat Heating Thermostat - #11 by kkossev

After saving the new code, do not forget to hit the Initialize button.
The thermostat should now be recognized as 'BEOK' in the logs.

Wish I had your brains for code . working correctly when I set end point also works with Alexa.
Will only go to 28/280 don't think I would want it hotter than that,
no matter what I set end point to after 28 will not go any higher
Have set display to max that is 60 and end point replies with 600

There is a parameter that restricts the maximum temperature that you can send to the controller :

You can change it to whatever limit you want.

I didn't get what do you mean by ' end point replies with 600' ?

just noticed that setting,

if a set the display thermostat to its maximum that is 60. in the current stats it shows 600.

same as if I set to 25 on thermostat display it shows 250 on the current stats.
nothing wrong with it just thought you might want to know

No, this means the heating setpoint is not calculated correctly for your model, we need one more fix.
If you press the 'Events' button on the device page, you must see correct heating setpoint values like these :

Hold on for 5 minutes.

Please update the driver and test again,

In the next days you can try also HE dashboard with a thermostat on it - should look like this:

yes, says 20 when set to 20 and also same working in Alexa
events page says correctly both same

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Great! This means that the basic functions for your Beok thermostat are working now.

Thank you for the tests and have a good evening! :champagne:

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also works in dashboard no problems.

and thank you if there is any more testing you need I will be waiting


What are now supported thermostats? I'm looking new thermostats (preferably from amazon.de) for electric floor heating. Direct links would be best.

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