Looking for Zwave / Zigbee power strip

Hi all. I am looking for power strip, either Zwave or Zigbee. Seems like Zooz is out of stock everywhere. Any suggestions?

I'm not sure where you are of if you can get them but I recently purchased a Xenon power strip.
All 4 outlets and the usb ports can be switched on and off.
It works with the in-built 'Generic Zigbee Multi-endpoint Switch'.


Thanks for your reply. I live in the US. Do you know if there’s any option for us?

I believe these Kasa strips work with @djgutheinz's community integration.


Do NOT buy the Zooz power strips. 5 out of the 4 I purchased (5 because I contacted the smartest house on the first failed one and they replace it after saying the cell phone charger plugged into the usb caused it to fail) all failed and are now in the trash within 2 years.


Use regular led strip, power supply and attach it to led module such as Fibaro rgbw or shelly.

I still enjoy my Digital Loggers Web Power switch. Here is a direct link to the latest version (Pro Switch) though you can also buy on Amazon:

It runs a web server with an API so totally local and I have a HE Driver to control it. I like that it supports scripting where I can control which outlets come on with delays etc. expensive but worth it in my opinion.


That looks awesome... thanks for posting.


Thanks for replying. However, I’m planning to use the power strip for simple things. Maybe. I’ll consider this option when I build my network rack.

I'm trying to find one as well.

Does anyone know about this one?

Says it connects to Smartthings which should mean it can do HE as well. I'm sure there needs to be some sort of driver installed. I searched for that brand name and couldn't find a page specifically for that brand name driver on the forums. Found a couple who had garage door openers and such from that company.

Wondering if anyone has tried this and had luck...

This is true for most Z-Wave and Zigbee devices, but for Wi-Fi devices like this one, sometimes the SmartThings integration is through a special cloud partnership. For some devices, sometimes the SmartThings integration is through their new "Edge" drivers, which are not easily portable to Hubitat like the classic Groovy DTHs were (though if it's Zigbee, Z-Wave, or has an open LAN or cloud API, someone should theoretically be able to write a Hubitat driver if needed--but I'm not sure that last thing is the case for this, or at least I can't find it).

The fact that it's HomeKit compatible is the only thing that really gives me hope, but that won't help you natively with Hubitat. (You could do something like set up Home Assistant as a HomeKit controller and import those devices into Hubitat via a community integration, or you could use virtual devices on Hubitat to try to "sync" states fo HomeKit via HomeBridge if you have iOS devices....not pretty, but something.)

Good "smart" power strips are kind of lacking, IMHO. :confused: (The Zooz ZEN20 was my recommendation, but I'm not sure it worked well with S2, it wasn't always cheap, and it appears to be out of stock at the moment...maybe they're working on something better?)


Meross wifi integration is cloud with ST. No open API (cloud or LAN) is available.

I use several of their wifi outdoor plugs and the C2C integration works fine on ST but there's no other options like Kasa has.

I continue to look for a ZigBee or Zwave power strip as well...

You too huh. I bought 2, spent over $100.00, both failed and 1 was never actually powering many devices, just used mostly as a repeater. Thought I had bad luck, but seems like they're not too reliable.

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Just found this, no idea if it works with HE, but it's Tuya Zigbee and I've had good luck with their other devices

The irony is out of the 4 I had I actually expected one to become defective because I was using it to power a refrigerator AND a freezer so I could monitor their energy usage. It was the last one that finally failed.

You couldn't pay me to own these.

Looks exactly like the UseeLink Zigbee power strip I bought on a whim once, except in a white case instead of a black case and sold as a different brand. I ended up writing a driver for mine, but Hubitat has generic multi-endpoint drivers now that would probably work...assuming it's really the same thing.

I'm not sure what kind of loads they're rated for, but I put mine on pretty light duty on account of trust issues (had I seen it as Tuya first maybe I would have been slightly more trusting...). One neat feature (again, only on mine; can't speak to this, even if I think it's the same) is that the USB ports are also controllable--all as one, not individually, but that's more than most other devices like this do at all.

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My Zooz powerstrip died after 14 months as well. Replaced it with a regular powerstrip and Zigbee Iris Plugs. Ugly, but functional.


I have been looking for the HE driver to control either/both my Web Power Switch Pro and my rack mounted version of that. Would you provide a link to that please?

Welcome to the Hubitat Community! Sure thing, I just uploaded the driver to my GitHub account. You can use this URL to import the new driver into your hub.

Wow. Thank you very much. I'll have a look at it in a little bit.