Looking for ZWave relay that can be triggered by 7.5V

I have a project that I am working on where a device generates a 7.5V DC output and I want it to trigger (preferably Z-Wave) to HE. It just needs an on/off state. If the 7.5V is on, send HE a switch on and if it is off, send HE a switch off. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Do you have a device that measures the output voltage? (Ex.: Shelly Uni)

If so, you can use this (Voltage >=7.5V) as the trigger for a Rule Machine Rule.

The rule can be to turn on the switch, with a wait for voltage <7.5 that would be followed by an action to turn off the switch.

Is that what you are looking for?

The device has an output voltage that "comes on" when a certain event happens. I want to take that 7.5V output and use it to trigger events in HE. I was thinking about something like a qubino relay or something?

Ah! So the voltage is recognized and turns on a switch which is linked to Hubitat!

I would use the Shelly Uni to detect the voltage and have Hubitat do something with the information. They are inexpensive devices and I have found them to work very well.

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A coil relay might work too. Then you attach a contact sensor to the NO/NC to know that the coil was energized.

Example of a 5V that I have used on a project to detect power outage:

You can also use a Solid State Relay (SSR) if you want, as those have a wide trigger voltage range, usually 3-32Vdc, like this one...

So does the Shelly Uni have a z-wave radio or is it just WiFi?

It has a Wifi radio only. It is controlled on the local network - doesnโ€™t use the cloud.

I guess that I was hoping for a Z-Wave or zigbee solution so that I wouldn't have to add an integration for it... Thanks for the info. I'll keep looking.

The fibaro implant might be able to do this:

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Thanks I will look into it.