Looking for Zigbee 3.0 smartplug/repeater.power meter

Currently, I am using a Smartthings/Centralite HA1.2b smartplug to monitor my backup sump pump. It only runs occasionally, like durng a heavy downpour or if my primary sump pump fails. I am using the power monitoring feature of the plug for that purpose.

I would like to replace that older plug with a Zigbee 3.0 device, but am having difficulty finding one that meets my requirements.

  1. Load is 110V 1/3 HP motor, so I need 15-16 amp capability with ground plug. Some plugs are only good for 10 ampe or do not have ground plug.

  2. I want Zigbee 3.0 to allow possibility of repeating Xiaomi/Aqara devices. The Centralite HA 1.2 plugs are incompatible repeaters.

  3. I need the power monitoring capability to alert me when the pump is running.

I have found Zigbee outlets like the Jasco that might work, but sump pumps are typically wired with a dedicated single outlet so nothing else gets plugged into the same outlet. Thus, I would rather use a plug rather than an outlet.

Any suggests on a plug that might meet my requirements?

I don't know that there are any that work in North America. The Sinopé zigbee smart plug, which works with Hubitat, meets most of your requirements, except that it is ZHA1.2 and not zigbee 3.0.

My Smartthings/Centralite ZHA 1.2 plug works now. However, it does not work as a repeater for couple of Aqara devices I purchased. Aqara is one of the few companies to offer vibration/shock sensors. They pair with the hubitat hub, but won't work for more than a few minutes before they go off-line.

The only reason I specified ZHA 3.0 is that I heard that it more likely to be compatible with Aqara. The Centralite plugs are not.

Do you know if Sinope' will serve as a repeater for Aqara?

I don't know. Perhaps @SmartHomePrimer does. If you don't need power monitoring there are lots of inexpensive options available for zigbee plugs.

I realize you are looking for Zigbee, but the best option for this application is the Zooz Zen15 in my opinion. You get power monitoring, the ability to turn off the button on the device, and it is motor rated.

I have one of the Zooz Zen15 plugs that I use with the washing machine. It does serve as a Z-wave repeater. I have enough Z-wave repeaters that the mesh extends into the basement where the sump pump is located.

If I get the Zen 15 for the sump pump, I would still need to add a Zigbee repeater nearby to fill out the Zigbee mesh. Currently, the Centralite plug serves both as a power monitor for the sump pump and a repeater for Zigbee motion and contact sensors in the basement. I could pick up some of the Tradfri repeaters from Ikea.

I also thought about getting a power monitoring WiFi outlet such as the TP-Link Kasa. I have a couple of the Kasa plugs connected through the Kasa integration, but they do not have power monitoring. I think the Kasa integration works with a couple of the power monitoring plugs, but I am not sure which ones. I would like to avoid the cloud-based connection if possible, so this is not ideal.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks for the suggestion on the Shelly. While it does not meet my desire to have a plug that will serve as a Zigbee repeater, it does appear to be a less expensive option than the Zooz Zen15. It does not require cloud integration like the Kasa plugs. Thus, they also may replace the Kasa plugs I already have.

The Shelly plugs are not available in the USA until sometime in July. If I have not found a Zigbee alternative before then, I will order a couple of the Shelly plugs and try them.

You can go with anything but if you're worried about the aquara devices, i think the ikea repeaters work well with it.

Currently, I have only two Aqara devices and they are only work if they are in direct line of sight with the hub. I was hoping to get the inexpensive Aqara vibration sensors to work so I could use them wherever valuable items and documents are stored. However, that means having good signals throughout the entire home. Aqara are about the only vibration/shock sensors available since the Smartthings multisensors are no longer made and Vision shock sensors seem to be unavailable.

The Aeotec Multisensor 6 includes vibration, but at $60 each, putting one in each location needed would be expensive. They are also to large to put inside a jewelry box as an example. The Aqara sensors are so small, they would be ideal.

Likewise, I would like to install water sensors under each sink and toilet and every place water leaks are possible. Although leak sensors are more available than vibration sensors, due to the number of leak sensors needed, I was hoping the inexpensive Aqara sensors might work. However, if they are to control a water cut off valve, they need to be reliable. I am not sure I would ever feel confident with the Aqara sensors.

I have an Aqara vibration sensor that has been happy for a long time on channel 17. All other channels eventually dropped after a week or so.

It’s close by. No idea if a repeater is going to help you. No clue if Sinope’s plug is Xiaomi compatible, but you could find out for everyone! :wink:

Ikea plug is 15 amp, but no power monitoring and I don’t know what size motor it can handle. It is Xiaomi compatible.

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Does the Shelly wifi plug do power reporting? I admit I know next to nothing about Shelly devices, so that may be a dumb question.

EDIT: Guess so. Just ordered 3x to play with. Might replace my Kasa ones with these:

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Somewhere I also read that channel 19 might work for Aqara devices. However, all of my Zigbee devices are happy on channel 20, so I am leery about moving everything to another channel such as 17.

According to the web site shown below, Zigbee channel 20 is halfway between WiFi Channels 6 and 11. Thus, it is less prone to interference than channel 17 which exists at the same frequency as WiFi channel 6. Many of my 2.4 gHz devices are connected at channel 6, so the opportunity for interference is high.


I only use zigbee channels 15, 20, 25, 26 for that reason.

But I also have Wifi APs on all 3 main US channels 1, 6, 11... So fitting between is the only sane solution for me.

Ok, now I'm OT for this thread (sorry in advance!)...

I am fully planning on just dumping the data to MQTT, like I do with all my custom arduino and other ESP8266/ESP32 devices.

I was reading through the shelly docs to try and figure out if I could leave it stock firmware, or had to go the transmota route. I guess I'll see after I get it as it is still a bit unclear how often the power gets reported to MQTT or what the delta settings are for power reporting.

I realize that, but from what I can tell the power reporting frequency/delta settings are not documented or changeable in the shelly api. So if the reporting thresholds aren't what I want/need, then I will have to go tasmota to get more control over reporting frequency and delta power setting for reporting.

But I plan to leave it stock if the in-box reporting settings are decent (I don't need super fast updating anyway).

Aqara are not standard Zigbee. You can’t just look at what Zigbee channels a website suggests, and you can’t go by what works with standard Zigbee devices and expect the same result.

I’ve tried many channels. I’m just sharing what has finally worked for me with the device you want to use. YMMV.

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I ordered four LUNTAK Zigbee Smart Plugs from Amazon. They are only 10 amp, but they are supposed to be Zigbee 3.0. I think they install as the "eWeLink" plugs.

I will disconnect my Smartthings and Centralite plugs add the ZHA 3.0 plugs. Hopefully, that will improve the performance of the Aqara devices. If so, I can order either a 15 amp Z-wave or WiFI power metering plug to monitor my sump pump.

Holy shnikeys the printed instruction manual for the Shelly Plug US is small... LOL. They shouldn't have bothered.



I do hate those manuals with tiny print. I used to be so near-sighted that I could take my glasses off and read anything, no matter how small. However, I had cataract surgery and the lens implant made me slightly farsighted. Now I have to use a USB microscope to read fine print. At least with a PDF file, I can blow it up on the monitor so it is large enough to read.

The LUNTAK Zigbee Smart Plugs are scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I will test them to see how they function as repeaters for both normal Zigbee and Aqara devices. If successful, I will then need to determine whether to order a Z-wave plug such as the Zooz Zen15 which I know works, of try a less expensive WiFi plug like the Shelly US plug once they are available.

Had to Tasmota the Plug US to get faster MQTT updates for what I need it for, Was easy to do, though.