Looking for suggestions on Rule

I've a rule to notify my desk when a door opens. It's a single rule. however it has multiple triggers - 3 different contact sensors.
Right now I get 'a door has opened'. but it doesn't tell me which door.
How can I set the notification to use an alias or something?
ie; if the front door sensor opens, I don't want %device% then I get 'the front door sensor has opened'. I want 'the front door has opened'. is there a simple way or does this require multiple rules or multiple if/thens? How would you do it?

You could do it either way. One rule in rule machine with multiple if-thens to send a different message depending on which sensor triggered the rule. Or multiple notifiers, one for each sensor.

Another alternative would be changing the device labels to “front door” etc. and using the %device% variable.

it's sort of a one-off need. I tried to find a way to use hub variables but couldn't figure out a method. I'll write 3 if/thens. thanks