Looking for some Iris V2 motion Sensors - 3326-L

I just checked eBay and there doesn't seem to be anymore 3326-L available. Had to dry up at some point. :wink:

Anybody know of another source that might have some? Looking for 5 to 10 more depending on price w/shipping.


Possibly my fault; I gobbled up all I could find a while ago.

Surely there must be a suitable replacement by now, with similar size and battery life and that reports temp (and humidity like the il07). Not to mention price (most of mine were on deep discount at $10 or less).

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I really miss the x-10 days.. 6 for $19.95 ... but wait, there's more! Order in the next 15 minutes and get this free! lol

Right now I only use the Iris 3326-L, it's such a great little device. I have about 15 of them scattered around.

Definitely want to stick with zigbee too.


That was common after Iris shut down, but when they were available new at retail, they were closer to $30 USD (which at the time I thought was a decent price).

If you can't find these anymore but are otherwise a fan (I am, too!), I suspect you'd be happy with anything else from their well-reputed OEM, Centralite. The Sylvania/Lightify E21266 motion sensor looks pretty similar (just a tad uglier) and was also made by them, but I think it's also been discontinued and might be hard to find. Centralite still makes their own motion sensor, the 3328-C, that I haven't used but I assume would work just as well as their other products (it takes a CR2450 like at least one generation of the older ST motion sensors--they also made some of those--rather than a CR2 like the Iris v2 sensors, but the ST sensors still last a while for me). Looks like Amazon has them for about $25, which isn't bad for a new sensor IMHO. Might be eBay finds on these or similar sensors, but I haven't looked...

Otherwise, the new ST sensor also worked well for me, but I know they were hard to find for a while and are probably more expensive now that Aeon makes them (because...Aeon). I also like the Iris v3 sensors almost as much if you're still able to find those. Otherwise, I'd say the closest you can get is anything Centralite you can still find (easier now than it was after they filed for bankruptcy....Ezlo, of Vera fame, bought them and hasn't managed to mess anything up yet that I know of, ha).

I know there's mixed opinion on the V1's but there are those that use them with great success. Rock solid construction, CR2 battery with good performance and reports temp.

I've got a few hundred brand news ones at 10.00 each plus shipping if you want to try one.

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I've a bunch of these that I have been using since 2013 on various platforms and they work well.

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Long before the Iris shutdown, for some reason the Lowes in Chelsea NY (midtown Manhattan) had the v2 Iris sensors listed online for $11 each. If you selected that zip code on lowes.com you could get them at that price. I'd add enough for free shipping and then use a 15% off coupon; I'd also use ebates. It ended mid-2016. (Lowes website - Deals - SmartThings Community)

A few years later my daughter worked for a tech company in midtown, and I stopped by her office, only to realize I was across the street from that Lowes store. I stopped in and looked around; nothing special at that store. I still don't know why the price was wrong there, other than their website was poorly designed.

I find I get only 4-8 months on the ST multipurpose sensors (v2/2016) using CR2450s. I get between 14-24 months on the CR2s in the Iris v2 sensors. (I have a spreadsheet that I track battery replacement dates)

Do you still have some of these for sale?

I don’t, but @scunny might.

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I do have some, brand new and used.


Scunny's stuff is great - I have a few I got from him a while ago and all were perfect, and work perfectly.


How can I get some?

I have used for 10 and brand new for 15, both plus shipping. Let me know if I can help you.

the Zooz ZSE18 reports temp, but not humidity, nor that price point. The Zooz Q sensor ZSE 11 has both, but again, not the price point.