Looking for some Ecobee/RM help

Hey all

We have an Ecobee3 and an extra room sensor. I'm looking to setup some basic comfort that at this time doesn't account for presence or anything fancy

I created a RM Rule however not sure it will perform as I expect

If temp reaches 78 or higher, turn on the AC and cool to 75. If temp drops to 63 or below, turn on the Heater and heat to 65.

I guess my question is, what happens when the AC comes on at 78, the temp then reaches 77, will the AC shut off or will the Cooling SetPoint stay active till 75? Same on the other end of the temp scale.

Something tells me I need more logic here but can't seem to get my head around it

Anyone have any examples of doing something similar?

Thanks in advance

Curious why you aren’t using the built in Ecobee features to do this?

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