Looking for some cheap temp/humidity sensors

Anyone have suggestions for cheap temp & humidity sensors? Looked at Gearbest but shipping is 2 months out and that is a deal breaker for me.

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My two Centralite have been rock solid for years. They are no longer available on Amazon but appear to be available on their website:


These have been working well for me. Didn't look at shipping times though.


Konke from AliExpress. They say 1 month shipping time; it said the same when I ordered in October, but I received them in about 15 days. There's a Hubitat driver for them; unlike Aqara they don't need repeaters of a specific brand. However, in my experience, they only pair on zigbee channel 15, 20, and 25.

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Do you know what repeaters work with the Aqara devices? I have two Aqara temp/humidity/pressure sensors working well for some time. The only Zigbee device that is capable or repeating is the iharyadi sensor.
However if I add some (I have two still in the boxes) it would be good to know what repeater is needed in case the location needs one.


The ones I know that work with 100% certainty are the Ikea Tradfri USB Signal Repeaters and the Ikea Tradfri Control Outlets.


I don't have Aqara devices, but Iman Iharyadi's sensors work great as Xiaomi parents for my buttons and cubes.


Haha cheaper Bryan


I'm only aware of a couple devices that only do temperature/humidity, and I think they've all been mentioned. I have a couple of the Konke sensors and notice the same issue with channels, but I'm otherwise happy with them. The Xiaomi ones are my favorite (they only do temp/humidity and, on some models, pressure; the batteries last a long time; the default reporting is frequent enough for my needs--and they apparently don't respond to Zigbee configuration anyway) but are subject to the non-standard behavior you can read about in other threads. The ihiyardi repeater mentioned above is not just a repeater--it can actually do temperature and humidity itself, so (if he has any available still), you wouldn't even need another sensor at all then. :slight_smile: I would like to try the Centralite but can't find it anywhere (don't be fooled by their website; it looks functional but won't let you check out).

I see people have also mentioned a few devices that do a bit more (often motion): the Inovelli 4-in-1, and I should mention the unmentioned-probably-because-it's-not-cheap Aeon Multi 6 (not good, in my opinion). One thing I didn't see mentioned was the Iris v3 motion sensor. Obviously it does motion too, but if you can still find them on eBay for a good price, it may work. Some thermostats also report these values (but again usually not cheap).

Good luck!


The iris il07 motion sensors do temp and humidity and can still be gotten on ebay for about 12.00 each :wink:

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I saw those but I only need temp and humidity.

Ok guys which is better -- Konke or Aqara ?

:man_shrugging:Wasn't specific :grin:

lol I meant like so cheap even "China can't beat the price" cheap

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That's pretty cheap :rofl:

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Neither is great but both are cheap enough that you might not care. :slight_smile:

Konke: only works on specific channels, responds to Zigbee configuration (e.g., for reporting intervals--Hubitat doesn't let you change this via any UI but you theoretically could do it), doesn't seem to require specific repeaters.

Xiaomi: works on (almost?) any channel, picky about repeaters, dosn't respond to Zigbee configuration (but the defaults are great for my usage)


Then Konke is out of the picture.. my zigbee hubitat hub uses 11 so aqara it is.

For the Xiaomi, Zigbee repeaters are the concern, then. There are only a few known to play well (the ihiyardi repeater/sensor mentioned above, the Ikea Trådfri outlet or USB repeater, or the discontinued non-A variant of the Sylvania outlet, besides some bulbs I'd be suspicious of for other reasons, are the only off-the-shelf solutions that look like they may have ever been readily available in the US; an Xbee, if you have or want one, is also great, and there's another USB sniffer/repeater module that could also work with some effort). This thread has more on the issue if you haven't seen it: Xiaomi & Aqara Devices - Pairing & Keeping them connected

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I got 2 of ihiyardi usb boards so I'll be good on the repeating issue.

I have 3 of the Xiaomi motion sensors and they work like a charm... have never dropped off.


The Iris V3 are terrific motion sensors. They are not very fast for humidity changes. I have tested the Zooz, Monoprice, Aqara, and the Iris V3. Of these, the Aqara (square) sensor is significantly faster, like in the order of minutes faster reaction time than most of these others. The other sensors I can be done with the shower, and they may or may not send a humidity event. The Aqara sends humidity within about 30 seconds of the shower being turned on. I can even run hot water in the sink and trigger the Aqara.

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