Looking for Smart Vent

Hi all I am looking for a solution for my Vents, so I have 11 Keen Smart Vent, for 4 years, but they never work well, but all my ZigBee device has an issue with connection, I do not blame the Keen.

So I am looking for other options for Smart Vent I did not find any Zwave or wired, any suggestion?

My keen work ok. but there are in the ceiling inside metal vents so as you summize it may be a signal issue.. that may be when many are also having problems with battery life if there are signal issues.

I put a zigbee in wall switch in the same room to act as a repeater.. maybe you can try that or a zigbee repeater device in the same room to see if it helps.

I find in my houses these work well as zigbee repeaters and are pretty innexpensive.

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Thank you very much for you post, but I can tell you ALL kind solution for ZigBee I tested last 3 year in my home, so I am tired to spend money with repeaters.

I also wrote/ported my own driver for the keen vents as gthe stock one was not reporting temp and pressure.


I have been using this driver and @kahn-hubitat 's Keenec tLite app to control my ecobee and keen vents for several months now and have had less vent issues than before. 10 Vents and only 1 went offline. So much better than before. I have also added a couple of more zigbee plugs. I have a lot of daily vent activity and batteries are lasting more than a year.

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