Looking for RGB reader or decoder to use non smart controller as source

Hi guys,
A bubble went through my head while in my spa yesterday:

I am trying to find an RGB reader or decoder to read the values on my spa lights ( from a light connector, 4 pins ), could be wifi or zigbee, i have 240v, 120v and 12v available in the spa to power this "reader", I also bave access to a few unused RGB light connectors to connect to under the spa.

Hubitat would then push the RGB values to other RGB controlers, like pool lights and backyard lights.

Maybe the idea is too much or too crazy, but it would be really cool...

Does anyone know of anything that exist to read or decode RGB?

All i find on Amazon, Ebay etc... are DMX decoders for RGB which is obviously not what i am looking for. The coolest thing would be to reverse use a controller as reader.

Please don't throw me rocks, i know it's a crazy idea...
Thanks !

This may not be the direction you want to go, but what if you replace the current lighting from being controlled by the spa, and instead controlled by Hubitat. Then it would be trivial to keep other similar lights synced with the spa lights.


I agree with @jameslslate . Once you have one controller set up you could simply use mirror to mirror that to the other lights

Yes... I do agree with you guys, and I did think about that route, and it would be feasible... but the problem is that I want to allow lights control from the SPA.

I don't want to explain to everyone how it works, not from the spa controls as expected... my wife would not like me, it needs to be super easy.

unless... maybe... i could find a water resistant button or control... that would work if I leave it on the SPA... it would need to be watertight.

i'll search for that, maybe it exists

Maybe you can use the existing controls?

One idea would be to attempt to measure the color of the light from the spa, using a sensor designed specifically for this purpose. There was a user a few years back, who added support to my HubDuino/ST_Anything project to do exactly this, as they were attempting to have their interior lights match the Color Temperature of the outdoor natural lighting.

Here is the ST_Anything source code for the "TCS34725 RGB Illuminance Device". If you're handy with microelectronics, this would be a pretty straightforward project, I think...

You could utilize one of the unused RGB connectors to have a RGB light connected under the spa, and then have the TCS34725 sensor nearby to measure the color and send the data to the Hubitat hub. This is where things get a little less clear to me, as you might need to convert the data from the HubDuino sensor into something that could be used to control other RGB lights.

wow, thanks a lot foll that info, it seems overwhelming though.
this could work, but makes all of this a huge project...

I think I will explore a new zigbee controler for the spa with a remote to select colors, seems more straightforward...

i'll look for a remote that would be somewhat waterproof or splashproof...

to be continued...

I have a bunch of pico remotes... that would work quite well for basic operations ( the spa has one button for lights control so 5 would be a huge improvement )