Looking for recommendations on an energy monitor

I am a former user of SmartThings and a newbie to hubitat. Looking for something that is comparable to the sense home energy monitor that doesn't cost as much. Works with hubitat or with a third party driver.

I was thinking under $100 unless I can find a refurbished or used since home energy monitor. I don't like the idea of having to clip leads to every wire. Your help would be appreciated in this matter.

I don't think there are many options out there. Aeotec Home Energy Meter and IoTaWatt are the two that come to mind. You won't find anything that's going to go in-line on your mains (running 100 amp+ service). Think the highest I've seen is the Aeotec Heavy Duty Switch or the GE Enbrighten that can do 240V at 40 amos.


I have the Aeotec HEM. Once you get the driver working it's very dependable. It's been kicking out readings every 5 seconds for a while now and the energy consumption readings match up with my Energy Detective unit.

However, I don't do much with the info, like graphing. That's beyond my capabilities at the moment. I do have a rule that alerts me to a possible appliance left on while leaving the house though. :slight_smile:

I own a sense (mid-2019) but not sure i would recommend it. The AI device detection is about 50/50 for my home.

For me, the most useful features are the "Always On" calculation, the whole home energy data, and the ability to use dedicated smart plugs to track individual plug loads.


So if I went with the aotech hem how would I configure it to tell me which appliance was left on or using the most energy?

The Aeotec HEM can only tell you about energy usage of your whole house if it’s clamped around the mains wires, or individual circuits if clamped around a couple of those.

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Iotawatt.... www.iotawatt.com. Works great with @ogiewon 's driver..

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Emporia Vue has been great, but you need to clip sensors over both mains, and also each circuit to be monitored. I've had it for a couple of years now, and it's very close to the electric company's meter in terms of accuracy.

The only thing in that range is an Aeotec HEM.

I think I started a thread about my journey with the HEM.
As I said, it's been spitting out power readings every 5 seconds for quite a while now.
Energy, not so often.
Figuring out the documentation, vis a vis, parameters, is not easy, and I never quite understood the hex stuff.
I recall also having to change the string variable to number in the driver I use, but that's in the thread.
I don't think the driver I used could set most parameters, so I had to do that manually.

On the snip below, top value is watt, bottom value is kw-hr.
I have a rule that zeros out the energy consumption at the 1st of the month.

I haven't delved into using the data though.
A reading every 5 seconds is a lot and fills up the standard log fast.
The granularity is nice though.
I haven't messed with doing a reading at a certain step change or whatever...again parameters...need study.


I just remembered that I have an Aeotec HEM v4 on my dryer. How would I use it to determine when the power drops below 1 watt for a minute? My other question is if I buy version 5 how do I determine what appliance is using the most electricity like the way since energy monitor does. is there a cheaper alternative to sense energy monitor. I'd like to be able to just clip some leads on to the main power lines and go from there new to all of this.

You'll need to graph the data. Then find out some way to associate specific appliances with specific usage patterns. All of this is achievable, but you'll have to write most of the software yourself. You're unlikely to find any pre-built options that cost about what an Aeotec HEM does.

Your other choices are use something like an Emporia Vue (I believe there is a cloud integration with Hubitat), or an iotawatt - both these devices use multiple CTs to indicate circuit-breaker-specific usage. So if you know which breaker is associated with a particular device, you're good to go.

I have had a Sense since Aug/Sep 2016, so about 7.5-8 years now. The power usage patterns from Sense are very accurate, although device identification is meager, especially as older appliances are replaced by newer appliances that make use of energy efficient technologies like inverter-motor driven compressors.

That being said, I make extensive use of SenseLink to determine identify individual devices.

This doesn't exist. It will take a good deal of coding on your part.


It is pricier but again the iotawatt will do what you want and do it well. You can export the data to influxdb/grafana or you can simply look at the built in graphing... Also everything is 100% local

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Sense is a cloud-based, does not do whatever it advertized.

Sense is waste of money. First of all - it is cloud-based and does not do whatever it was advertised. I had one for about a year+ but replaced it with IotaWatt which is 100% local
integration with HE . It could be a bit pricy but you will have what you paid for.
Iotawatt is the way to go.

I could be mistaken, but I believe Sense is using “AI” to tell you about individual device energy usage.

Which is a fancy way of saying they are guessing.

If you don’t measure individual circuits with clamps, then you can’t really expect to get accurate data about specific appliances.

However, I don’t have a Sense, so maybe they are really good at guessing :man_shrugging:?

Now does anybody to make a line graph and a pie graph I would like the percentage and also the total what's used in the pie graph. On the line graph I would like an hour by hour with the wattage so that I can see which appliance is using the most electricity and start calculating how much solar I would need.

Webcore has graphing capability. Don't think it does pie graphs. You can do time graphs.

I have a Aeotec HEM V2, I have moved it from Iris, to ST, to now HE. It only shows total house usage, Below is a graph of my total house power usage, using webcore, for the last 24 hours.


Can somebody help me get this setup? I'm not a programmer by no means I thought webcore took programming skills.

You can use @bptworld 's quick chart... Available in hubitat package manager. Has several different charts in it. Or you can use influxdb/grafana. There is a step by step here on the board.

I only tried WebCoRE when I used SmartThings, and never used it to create a graph.

But I can say with certainty that a knowledge of computer programming is not required to use WebCoRE. Since I don’t know how to code at all :slightly_smiling_face:.