Looking for package names for convert Temperature ToGeneric Color Name

Does anybody know the full "package" name path for these functions


I'm trying to use them in a closure that is at the @Field static level, and the compiler isn't finding them. I wanted to try and import the package or precede them with their full package name, but I am not sure what that is.

I tried some variations like ...

but I just can't seem to hit on the right one.

Pretty certain you're right in referencing the hubitat.helper as containing the ColorUtils object, but convertTemperatureToGenericColorName is a common method available as-is to all apps and drivers, according to the Docs.

The ColorUtils object is documented here: ColorUtils Object | Hubitat Documentation and they aren't part of that.

These methods are listed here Common Methods | Hubitat Documentation but there is no package or object name that is listed.

They work in normal not @Field static level code, but as mentioned, this is an odd case of using them in a closure that is at the @Field static level, so I think I need the full package name or to import the package.

Have you tried running getObjectClassName on that object to see which package owns it? That should spit out the explicit name you're after.

tried and failed.

Ain't sandboxing great?

IMHO, the two people most likely to have an answer for you on this would be Mike Maxwell or @Evilborg