Looking for options to replace a RadioShack plug n power Actuator module

Hi everyone! One of the last devices I have laying around on X10 is a RadioShack plug n power Actuator module that was used to control a water valve to open or close. Anyone has any idea what device I could use to replace the module without having to change the actual valve? I tried by having the module left on and then plugging it to a smart plug but that doesn’t do it (the valve remains open even though I turn on or off the smart plug). Looking for ideas…



There are a number of water shutoff devices that will do what you want. Most of them are designed to cut off the water to the whole house in case of a leak but they might work for you. Some of them attach to the existing valve handle. I have a different setup myself. I use a 110v normally closed valve and plug it into a smart plug. Turn on the plug, the valve opens. Turn it off, the valve closes again. It was a DYI thing for an inside irrigation system but if you'd like the details let me know.

Thanks Brad! What I was trying to avoid is having to “touch” the valve itself and see if I could just find something similar to what the RadioShack module did. I tried with a smart plug to see if power on or off would do the trick but it didn’t.

What about something like this... zwave and clamps onto an existing valve handle. I haven't tried it but it (or something similar) might fit the bill.


My DYI solution just screws onto the end of a normal hose connection... so no plumbing required as long as you're trying to do something similar. Mine is just used to water houseplants but it may work for you too depending on the application. If so let me know and I will post the details.

What's the output voltage? What does the connector look like? Some photos and electrical details would be useful here.

Also, some photos of the valve.

As a former X10er, I'm generally familiar with the Plug 'n Power line from Radio Shack; however, I have never seen an actuator module or how it controls a ball valve.

Thanks everyone for your help. Let’s see if with pictures it is bit easier

This is the valve (couldn’t find any product code of info on it - but looks like low voltage)

This is the RadioShack plug (and yes, it seems to be a somewhat unknown type as I couldn’t find anything on google on this one)

Following the cables from the valve to the plug I see it is going through this (blue goes into this device, red goes directly to valve)

Any clues?

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Yup. Plenty. So here's how it seems to work:

The valve is a low voltage valve - powered by that transformer. The common (if it is AC, negative if it is DC) from the transformer is connected directly to the valve. The hot (if it is low voltage AC, positive if it is DC) is connected to the actuator. The other line from the valve is also connected to the actuator.

The actuator just acts as a latched relay to control the valve. When the relay is closed, the valve opens. When the relay is open, the valve closes.

If my surmise is correct, you could use any NO dry-contact relay to control the valve using the existing transformer.

Something like a ZEN16 or ZEN17, or even this very inexpensive zigbee dry-contact relay that I found recently. It works great with Hubitat.

It supports inching mode (called Momentary on your actuator) and latched mode (called Continuous on your actuator).

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Ashok that is an awesome analysis and feedback. Thanks a ton. I have something to play with now! Really appreciate the help!

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Hopefully that works. In any event, I am certain you can adapt your existing valve's controller so it becomes Hubitat controllable.

You may need to post what the transformer's output voltage is - it looks like an HVAC transformer, so I'm guessing 24 volts AC. And based on that a suitable relay can be used.

Please update this thread when you're done, or if you get more information about the actuator and valve. Thanks!

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