Looking for: Narrow Blind unit, Zigbee, ~12" and 12VDC or less

Has anyone seen anything that narrow?

Do the designs of the larger units lend themselves to being cut down? That would likely be a costly hack job at the price of these unless a damaged one could found in the Returns Room at Ikea.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

I have cut these down. The motor drive unit dictates the minimum width of the blind. I ‘think’ 12” is cutting it close (pun intended)

Lots of videos on YouTube showing how to cut them. This is one of many.


This gives you an idea what the drive motor looks like.

All drive units are the same no matter the width of the blind.

Sometimes eBay has used blinds. Found this new blind with 6 days left



Perfect, thanks for spending the time to relay this !

Oh I wasn’t finished. :sunglasses:

I have learned so much on these forums, and can rarely contribute any help because 99% of the people here can sweep me under the rug with their knowledge. I believe in ‘pay it forward’ so here is my contribution :

I took a blind down and disassembled it to get measurements.

The bare minimum width is 11”

The motor drive unit is 10” wide

So, an IKEA blind can fit in your 12” space, and is Zigbee.

The minimum width IKEA sells is 23” and it sells for $129.99

I own 12 of these and had to cut about 5 to fit my windows. The blinds are not difficult to modify.

So, for about $150.00 with tax you will have what you need.


Ah, great to see the detail.

That answers the question of how these would slip onto the motor unit if cut right down to nothing but the end bracket.

This documentation will be helpful for other I'm sure. These can be used for "more than just a blind" when cut down to that size. As you pointed out with Ebay , they are available for cheaper if one really just wanted "the guts" more than "the blind".