Looking for list of pre-defined variables

I know there is "%time%" and a few others - where is the documentation for the complete listing of these? Specifically I want a rule to read the value of "Mode" for a speaking/texting rule I want to make for test purposes.

I believe that would be %value%

There is no %mode% but you could easily add one. %value% gives the device value that triggered the rule. So, in some cases it might be mode if mode was what triggered the rule. But if the trigger was a light coming on, then %value% would equal "on".
%device% is the device that triggered the rule.
%now% is the time (in 24 or AM/PM format), just like %time%.
%date% is the date, formatted the way you have defined in your hub.
I think that's all of the ones that are there automatically but @bravenel would be the definitive expert. I'm sure I probably missed one.

Update: Interestingly enough, %value% when used with a local endpoint actually ends up with a null value in the variable. Wasn't expecting that!

What should it be?

Well, I was expecting it to set it to the URL that was used to trigger the rule. Only did it out of curiosity though, since I was checking all the others. I didn't have a use for it. Just a funny observation, that's all.

But the reason that I tagged you was to see if I had missed any of the "predefined" variables. Not about that. LMAO Why the snark?

I ran across it when I was looking into Message Central - I initially thought they were generic variables that were predefined - then I stepped in the sh*t when I found out about the upsettedness of the coder. Sadly I would really like to run his package and twiddle with his apps but it's not too be for the time being at least.
I'm now looking at doing it as a GV - I'll set a string value based on mode change, then read that to my TTS. One thing tho, somewhere the value is clearly set - as the website shows it displayed ... so it does exist somewhere!

well shit carl. (a family joke said when someone does something stupid)

%Value% is NOT equal to %value%. Case sensitivity bit my ass.

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No snark, don't read into a 4 word question. I was genuinely curious about your remark about this.

At the moment %value% is used when the endpoint is being used for the Rule Machine API, for example to set a global variable. Given that there is no other functionality associated with the URL beyond simply triggering the rule, you already know what the URL is unless you are using multiple endpoint triggers for a single rule. So I'm left not understanding what this would be used for.

As I said...it wouldn't. And again, that wasn't my question. My question was are there any other "pre-defined" variables to add to this list: