Looking for Line voltage Thermostat (for baseboard heat) recommendations

I have baseboard heat and before I buy standard programmable ones thought I would check with the community to see if anyone had any recommendations on a smart line voltage thermostat. I found STZW402+ | Stelpro but from the forum posts I found they aren't working correctly with Hubitat.

They work with Hubitat just fine

My version but there are others. I added the switch for the detailed logging so you don't get the "heating" "idle" back and forth as it turns on/off.


Well thats good to know, I was going off your last post in Stelpro Ki Thermostat which didn't have the fix.

Thank you for the info.

Yep. It's really not a "problem" and I actually ended up modifying it myself to resolve it. Did the same thing in ST where it just produced a lot of log entries. The DH above works for that. So you should be good to go

Just installed my Stelpro using your driver. Works like a charm, THANKS!

UPDATE: I had to remove the stelpro, the thermostat was doing some funky things when the heater was on. It sounded like my cadet wall heater wasn't getting enough power to run properly and once the room was at temperature the thermostat would cycle on and off every few seconds.

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